Hook Links

  • Guru 4” Bait Band Ready Rigs Range

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  • Guru Method Hair Rigs – Speed Stop 4 Inch

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    Guru Method Hair Rigs with Speedstops,

    Our Method and Feeder hair rigs are now available with our super-efficient bait Speedstops fitted to the hair. When used with our Speedstop needle, a range of baits can be hair rigged quickly and easily, making time for you to get more bites.

  • Guru N-gage Pole & Hook length Line

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  • Preston Innovations Reflo Precision Power 50M Line

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    This is the ideal rig and hooklength material, supplied on 50m spools its supple, strong and knots extremely well. We believe this is genuinely one of the best lines available. 50m per spool.

    Des Shipp: “Reflo Precision Power is one of the best lines I’ve ever used, its never let me down, and continues to impress me week in, week out”

  • Guru X Strong Ready Rigs

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    • Ideal for when the carp are feeding and heavy elastics are being used as these are tied using the spade-end extra strength carp barbless hooks.
    • The size 10 will be sufficient for landing most fish you’re likely to hook as it is tied using 0.22mm line. The size 12 is on 0.19mm; size 14 on 0.17mm; size 16 on 0.15mm; and size 18 on 0.13mm.
    • All three patterns feature perfectly tied spade end hooks, as neat as anyone can tie them up themselves, and with a figure-of-eight loop knot at the other end for easy attachment to your line.
    • They all come neatly packaged on cards that make them easy to use – no knots as you try to unravel them! – Plus they will even fit into their cases.


    • XS Spade End Barbless Hook
    • 8 Per Pack
    • Perfect hook size to line strength ratio
    • Designed with the pole angler in mind.
    • Perfectly tied spade end hook
    • Figure of eight loop for easy connection.


    • Size 12 – 7lb (N-Gauge – 0.19mm Diameter)
    • Size 14 – 6lb (N-Gauge – 0.17mm Diameter)
    • Size 16 – 5lb (N-Gauge – 0.15mm Diameter)
    • Size 18 – 4lb (N-Gauge – 0.13mm Diameter)


  • Guru F1 Pellet Ready Rigs 6″

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    F1 Pellet Rigs

    These pole rigs have been designed for use on smaller commercials where fish like F1s dominate. They are tied with the F1 Pellet hook, which the Guru team designed specifically for these hard-fighting weight builders. The white gape and round bend allow the use of softened hook baits and practically guarantee good hook holds.
    There are eight rigs in each pack and they are supplied on easy-to-use cards


  • Guru LWG 6″ Ready Rigs

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    • Available in a wide diversity of sizes, as well as multiple different breaking strain lines, they ultimately cover pretty much every pole angling situation.
    • There are three different hook patterns available and each is tied with a bayonet-style hair, making them all ideal for baits such as corn, meat and mini boilies, and each is 6 inches long.
    • The smallest, a size 20 is on 0.11mm N-Gauge, with size 16 and 18 hooks to 0.13mm hook links, a size 14 to 0.15mm, and the largest, a size 12, is tied using 0.17mm line.
    • All three patterns feature perfectly tied spade end hooks, as neat as anyone can tie them up themselves, and with a figure-of-eight loop knot at the other end for easy attachment to your line.
    • Size 12 – 6lb (N-Gauge – 0.17mm Diameter)
    • Size 14 – 5lb (N-Gauge – 0.15mm Diameter)
    • Size 16 – 4lb (N-Gauge – 0.13mm Diameter)
    • Size 18 – 3lb (N-Gauge – 0.13mm Diameter)
    • Size 20 – 3lb (N-Gauge – 0.11mm Diameter)
  • Matrix Power Micron Monofilament Super Soft

    0 out of 5


    • Accurate diameter hooklength and pole rig line
    • Very strong and supple for better presentation
    • Outstanding knot strength
    • All popular diameters
    • Low visibility clear colour 2 new additional sizes of power micron line are added at the ever increasing demand for thicker diameters on commercial waters and carpadromes across Europe. Can be used as main line hook length material for both pole and feeder work.Line Specification
    0.070mm Ø – 1.10lb – 0.50kg 0.080mm Ø – 1.36lb – 0.62kg 0.090mm Ø – 1.63lb – 0.74kg 0.105mm Ø – 2.16lb – 0.98kg 0.115mm Ø – 2.68lb – 1.22kg 0.125mm Ø – 3.22lb – 1.46kg 0.135mm Ø – 3.52lb – 1.60kg 0.145mm Ø – 4.23lb – 1.92kg 0.165mm Ø – 5.29lb – 2.40kg 0.180mm Ø – 6.35lb – 2.88kg 0.200mm Ø – 7.87lb – 3.57kg 0.234mm Ø – 9.88lb – 4.48kg 0.261mm Ø – 12.37lb – 5.61kg

  • Matrix Carp Rigger 4″ Method Hair Rigs

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    The length of hair on each Matrix ready made rig has been made to suit the combination of hook size and suggested bait diameter. Monofilament and Hooks made in Japan

  • Guru Rig Case Small

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    Rig Cases

    Our rig cases make the others redundant!

    Brand manager Adam Rooney and head consultant Steve Ringer both used existing rig cases, but felt that they weren’t quite up to the job, so the Guru design team set about designing a new range from scratch!

    The result is a smart-looking case that puts the opposition in the shade in terms of functionality and looks! Firstly, the team attacked the problem of boosting the capacity of the case, without creating something that was too big and cumbersome. They simply increased the length of the retention pegs, and made the case double-sided, which allows the standard Guru Rig Cases to hold up to 150 rigs!

    The standard, shorter case was designed for the rigs that Adam and Steve used most, including method feeder, pellet feeder and pole rigs. The Large Rig Case has retaining pegs at 6in, 8in, 10in and 12in, which will cater for longer rigs than its little brother. Both feature a unique magnetic fastening system, which ensures that your carefully tied rigs are protected when in transit. In fact, the case has been designed to be water resistant too, so it’ll keep the British weather at bay too, while you’re on the bank.

    The Rig Cases are finished in Guru colours; black on the outside and orange on the inside and the whole thing is coated with a soft-touch overmould for a beautifully tactile result.

  • Guru QM1 Ready Tied Rigs 15 inch

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    QM1 Ready Tied Rigs

    The all-conquering QM1 hooks are now available on ready-tied rigs, in 15 and 4-inch versions and with Speedstop, bayonet and bait band attachment options. The 15-inch versions are supplied on EVA spools, so they can be dropped straight into the Guru Rig Box and the 4-inch versions can be housed in the Rig Case.

    Adam Rooney explained how and why they were developed… “We get inundated with calls and messages asking if we would ever do our famous QM1 hook ready-tied. So here they are, tied to the same high standard as our existing range. I’m confident to say I would be happy to use them myself in all match conditions.“

    “The EVA spools, which have been colour-coded and printed so you can simply store them directly in your Guru Rig Box for maximum protection. The QM1 design and packaging take ready rigs to a whole new level…”

  • Guru 6″ Super LWG Ready rigs Barbless

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    Super LWG Banded Ready Rigs

    Our Premium Super LWG Eyed Barbless hooks, ready tied to a six-inch hooklength on reliable N-Gauge line. We’ve aimed to get a perfectly balanced hook size to line strength ratio – not too heavy or light. Available in 20 x 0.11mm, 18 x 0.13mm, 16 x 0.13mm, 14 x 0.15mm and 12 x 0.17mm.

    Hooklength incorporates a banded hair rig tied with a knotless knot, featuring a neat Guru Micro Band, which can be used for various baits. The small band is very discrete when bait is placed in it, great for fooling wary commercial fish.

    The obvious bait to use with them is hard pellets, and the great thing about micro bands is that they will take various sizes of pellet from a 4mm for F1s, up to an 8mm for big carp, easy and quick when used in conjunction with Guru Pellet Pliers.

    They can however, also be used for other baits. The band can be pulled into a piece of meat or corn, and you can place a maggot in a band too – great for F1s.

    The hook lengths are tied off at six-inches long with a small, neat and strong figure of eight loop, that allows easy loop-to-loop connection with your mainline. They came in a packet on a board, kept perfectly straight and protected, and better still you can transfer them straight into a Guru Rig Case, or chop them down shorter if you require. Ideal for pole and lighter Pellet/Method feeder hooklengths.

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