• Fox Black Label Mini Swinger Arm

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    Based on the traditional Swinger, which was invented by Fox over 25 years ago, this aluminium Mini Swinger Arm has a real modern look and feel. Featuring pivots at both ends it is an incredibly sensitive style of indicator that is a true all-rounder. However, it really comes into its own when you are trying to fish with semi-slack lines in strong winds as its solid arm helps to prevent false indication meaning that when your alarm bleeps it’s because of fish activity!

    CIS – Customised Indication System
    CSI - CUSTOM INDICATOR SYSTEMThere are a number of products available under our Black Label CIS banner all of which have been designed to allow you to create the ultimate bite indicator that suits the angling situation you are faced with on any given session. You can simply buy a standard Bobbin or Slik Bobbin and then customise them or alternatively if you prefer you can build your own indicator from scratch from the CIS board.

  • Mainline Match Carp & Course Sticky Syrup

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    Designed and formulated to adhere to hookbaits, pellets, particles and boost the attraction of groundbaits the Carp & Coarse Sticky Syrups invoke a competitive feeding response from all species…

    Be it a river or a lake these thick, viscous syrups are extremely active in water, dispersing instantly along the bottom, as well as sending a high attract cloud to the surface!

    PVA Friendly

    Available in 250ml bottles

    Peppered Tuna
    Frankfurter Sausage
    Strawberry Tutti
    Pellet Enhancer Oil

  • Sticky Signature Range

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  • CC Moore Booster Liquids

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  • Nash Hook Eye Threader

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    Hook Eye Threader

    Perfect for D Loops and chods

    Pulls high diameter links effortlessly through hook eyes.

    Ultra fine diamond eye wire threader to help pull high diameter link materials through hook eyes for easy rig construction.

  • Mainline Dedicated Hookbait Enhancement

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    All of the Hookbait Enhancement Systems include all the required attractors, sweeteners and enhancers that will help to boost the attraction level of all hookbaits, pellets and even groundbait mixes.

    The Neutral version can be customised by adding about 5ml of your chosen Profile Plus flavour or 5-10ml of your chosen Response flavour and mixed well by shaking. As the base includes everything else and is 100% water soluble, nothing else is required to create the soak or dip of your chosen flavour.

    What’s more all the Hookbait Enhancement Systems are PVA friendly allowing you to utilise these liquid attractors within your presentation, such as diping PVA stringers and Sticks.

  • Kodex Kompact 2m Tele Handle

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    The Kodex Kompact SS handle from 30Plus is a telescopic 2m design and only 1.1m long when collapsed, so it’s superb for stalking, roaming and transportation. It is a strong and powerful phenolic construction with steel reinforced strength ring and a special beefy diameter top section for even more strength.

  • Korda IQ-D Rig

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  • Nash Bits Pouch

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    Essential for organising the smallest items of your kit.

    The uses are endless. A favourite for storing hook wallets or even a pouch of tobacco, with the useful addition of a mesh zipped pocket on the underside of the lid.

  • Ridge Monkey Double Towel Set

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    Although its first products were released less than five years ago, RidgeMonkey has already achieved legendary status among the UK’s most passionate of carp anglers. This is already a remarkable feat but it is even more outstanding when you release that RidgeMonkey has no media and marketing team – they simply let the products speak for themselves! This unconventional tactic has more than paid off and you’ll struggle to find an angler on the banks who hasn’t lusted after one RidgeMonkey product or another. However, unlike other hyped products, the reason for RidgeMonkey’s success is clear: not only do its products live up to expectations but they actually surpass them. This is due to the brand’s core principles and RidgeMonkey has only ever manufactured high quality, well designed products which do the job they were designed for on the bank. In short, a RidgeMonkey product is a product you can rely on – keeping anglers’ returning to the brand time after time for all their carp fishing essentials.


    The brand is famous for leaving no stone unturned, which is why the design team has worked so hard on this Double Towel Set. Not content with simply churning out a standard angling towel emblazoned with the RidgeMonkey logo, the team has invested serious time and money into discovering exactly what anglers need from their towel on the bank. This is why there are two towels of differing sizes in this set. The first is a large towel, which is somewhat larger than your standard hand towel and offers dimensions of 750mm x 400mm. This is the perfect towel to have in position by your unhooking mat, allowing you to wipe down your hands between contact with your fish and contact with your gear – ensuring that your potentially expensive camera or smart phone remains completely mucus-free. The second towel in the range is a small towel, with dimensions of 400mm x 250mm. This is roughly the size of a traditional tea-towel and it is ideal for storage in your luggage. Whether you use it to dry out your cooking equipment between uses on the bank or you use it as a hand towel for cleaning your hands after handling baits, it is perfect for you. If you’re on a short session, you might find the smaller towel fits neatly into your luggage. Alternatively, you might find that on a longer session you’d like the option of a second towel – ready for use whenever you need a clean option.


    Both the towels in the RidgeMonkey Double Towel Set are manufactured from 100% cotton. This ensures that they are ultra-absorbent, so you can dry your hands quickly and easily. This also ensures that they are 100% machine washable, so you can simply throw these towels in with the rest of your gear when you need to clean them after a long and successful carp fishing session.


    If you’re looking for a high quality carp fishing product that you can rely on time after time then RidgeMonkey is perfect for you. Designed with the discerning angler in mind, RidgeMonkey is a brand built on an ethos of quality above all else – ensuring that all its products are great value for money.

  • ESP P.V.A Bag Range

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  • Nash Citruz Range

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