• Nash Stiff Rig Wallet

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    Versatile rig friendly storage for coated links, braid, mono and stiff link materials.

    Using foam specially cut out to prevent curved rig tubing and angled shrink tube kickers from being straightened when stored we believe this is the best design of rig wallet on the market.

    Three dedicated boards supplied with 42 pins allow you to separate, store and quickly identify rigs using different materials and for different presentations.

    Contents shown for illustrative purposes only.

  • Ridge Monkey Bivvy Lite Duo IR + Remote

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    The remote version is a standalone upgraded unit, the remote fob will not work with the standard Bivvy Lite Duo. The battery life remains similar to that of the standard Bivvy Lite Duo: Bright Red: 6-7 hours, Bright White: 9-10 hours, Dim Red: 70-75 hours, Dim White: 110-120 hours

  • Fox Impact Spods

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    Having looked at the bait delivery devices currently available on the market our product design team at Fox believed that there was still room for further development for a product that could perform in a different way. Following an extensive three year research and development programme plus countless hours of field testing the Fox Impact Spod was born.

    Sold under license from Spomb® Fishing Limited, the Impact Spod boasts a number of unique features that sets it apart from any other bait delivery device currently on the market. Features such as a unique ‘scoop’ body shape, allow for rapid, single handed loading. This unique body and lid design not only enables you to fill the device very quickly, it also allows for highly efficient loading, resulting in a ‘one scoop’ operation that fills the entire inner compartment! This ‘complete fill’ enables you to put your bait out as quickly as possible, and additionally allows for an even weight distribution, which in turn makes it very stable in flight. Another benefit of the scoop design, in addition to the easy loading, is that it enables a tapered bait release should you wish to create a wider spread of free offerings, as opposed to tightly grouped patches, this is feature can be particularly handy when fishing a boilie-only approach or ‘big hit’ fishing with multiple rods on one large baited area.

    Key Features:
    • Scoop design allows for rapid single handed loading
    • Efficient filling shape for a ‘complete fill’
    • Aerodynamically tuned for optimum casting performance for accurate baiting at extreme long range
    • Spring mechanism is encapsulated to prevent bait from being able to interfere with it
    • Intrinsically buoyant – In the event of a crack-off it will float and drift into the margins
    • Robust, damage preventing design
    • Top quality, anti-rust stainless steel components
    • Large heavy-duty swivel moulded into top of flight
    • Unique shape allows for wider spread of bait should you wish to do so
    • Two sizes available: Medium and Large

    The Impact Spod is sold under licence from Spomb Fishing Limited. SPOMB® is a Registered Trade Mark of Spomb Fishing Limited. Community Registered Design No. 002726075-0001

  • ESP Tungsten Putty

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  • Nash Bug Box

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    Whether you’re a fan of the Critters, Bugs or Zig Bug Floater range the Bug Box is an essential accessory to store your zig hookbaits.

    Sitting neatly inside Box Logic tackle boxes and stations the Bug Box is the best way to organise the deadly Nash Zig Bug artificials for zig and floater work. High density foam lined and with individual hook recesses to neatly store 18 different patterns of bug it keeps your hook points protected and razor sharp and allows you to see and switch patterns instantly in order to bring action.

    • Displays Bug options at a glance
    • Protects Zig Bug hook points
    • Fits Box Logic tackle boxes and stations
  • Gardner Phazer Head Torch

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  • Nash Long Range Bolt Machine

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    The classic extreme distance Bolt Machine design is back! The most effective long range self-hooking surface controllers of all time.

    Unrivalled aerodynamics and stability with a soft rubber semi-fixed insert and white low glare finish for effective surface concealment the original Bolt Machine is back by popular demand.

    Allowing you to fish in areas normally considered safe by wary carp these Bolt Machines make surface fishing possible at well over 100 yards, and offer hooking properties that have to be seen to be believed – converting more takes into hooked carp than any other design.

  • Korda Funnel Web & Refills

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    With PVA sticks popular among many and so many boilie anglers out there, it was important that we developed some PVA to suit. The Boilie Funnelweb is slightly narrower than the original Funnelweb enabling you to using it when casting further.

    Two or three baits placed into a PVA bag can be very effective – just enough of a mouthful to create a take without overfeeding. You don’t just have to use boilies, though. Incorporating the Micromesh, you can place maggots, micro pellets or crushed baits inside.

    Not only that, you can create the ultimate PVA sticks. Just like the others, the system comes complete with a compressor stick to create the tightest sticks. You receive 7 metres of PVA on each system and the tube comes colour-coded to help match the refills correctly.

  • Korda Dark Matter Wide Gape Carp Rig

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  • Korda Finger Stall X-Large

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  • Korda Leadcore Hybrid Leaders

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    To use leadcore safely, leaders need to be constructed to exacting standards. That’s why we’ve taken the doubt out and produced ready-tied versions that are every bit as good, and as safe, as the ones that team Korda tie themselves. What’s more, being as they’re constructed from the toughest of all leader materials, they’re perfect for most things that UK carp fishing will throw at you. We will be releasing lead clip and Ring Swivel leaders in the middle of November. The Ring Swivel leaders have been designed for use with inline leads and the lead clip versions feature our new lead clips, which can be used semi-fixed or running and with lead clips or Kwik Links. You get three leaders per pack. Both versions are 1m long and are tied from our 50lb Kable camouflaged leadcore, which has won many fans this year already. In a world that imposes huge pressures on our time, any time saving products are very welcome, and these leaders are just that. You can literally use them straight out of the packet, with total confidence.

  • Fox EDGES Gated Needle

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    The Gated Needle is perfect for splicing 45lb Submerge and general hook baits.