Bait & Additives

  • Mainline Match Carp & Course Sticky Syrup

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    Designed and formulated to adhere to hookbaits, pellets, particles and boost the attraction of groundbaits the Carp & Coarse Sticky Syrups invoke a competitive feeding response from all species…

    Be it a river or a lake these thick, viscous syrups are extremely active in water, dispersing instantly along the bottom, as well as sending a high attract cloud to the surface!

    PVA Friendly

    Available in 250ml bottles

    Peppered Tuna
    Frankfurter Sausage
    Strawberry Tutti
    Pellet Enhancer Oil

  • Sticky Signature Range

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  • CC Moore Booster Liquids

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  • Mainline Dedicated Hookbait Enhancement

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    All of the Hookbait Enhancement Systems include all the required attractors, sweeteners and enhancers that will help to boost the attraction level of all hookbaits, pellets and even groundbait mixes.

    The Neutral version can be customised by adding about 5ml of your chosen Profile Plus flavour or 5-10ml of your chosen Response flavour and mixed well by shaking. As the base includes everything else and is 100% water soluble, nothing else is required to create the soak or dip of your chosen flavour.

    What’s more all the Hookbait Enhancement Systems are PVA friendly allowing you to utilise these liquid attractors within your presentation, such as diping PVA stringers and Sticks.

  • Nash Citruz Range

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  • Nash Scopex Squid Range

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  • Dynamite Robin Red Range

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  • Sticky Pure Hemp Oil

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  • Sticky Pure Natural Betaine

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  • CC Moore Pacific Tuna Products

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  • Nash Zig Bugs

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    Zig Bugs

    The most deadly collection of Bugs yet!

    Nash Zig Bugs have changed the way we catch carp forever.

    Designed to imitate aquatic creatures which carp find, and routinely eat in their natural environment without fear, Zig Bugs have become a mainstream and hugely successful approach for fish big and small.

    Deadly zig hookbaits that imitate a carp’s natural food. Tied to Fang hooks, and available in micro barbed and barbless. Present Bugs on the surface, mid water, or on the bottom – lethal whatever the depth. Three per pack.

    The Floater Hookbaits will be catching more carp this coming spring and summer than we dare guess – essential if you are fishing Slicker Floaters or Riser Pellet.

    NEW Black SedgeThe adult form of the Cased Caddis. Carp will gorge on these as they emerge from their pupae cases into adults and when they return to skit across the surface to lay their eggs. Black Sedges are particularly active from May to August.

    NEW Brown SedgeThe adult form of the Cased Caddis, keenly eaten by carp both as emerging adults and when returning to lay eggs. Particularly abundant from late summer onwards.

  • Nash Bug Juice

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    Bug Juice 30ml

    Four brilliant attractor blends

    One squirt significantly enhances the attraction of your zig bugs and critters.

    Four brilliant attractor blends in 30ml atomiser sprays boost any zig or floater hookbaits before casting , helping carp home in on them fast whatever temperature or conditions.