Bait storage & accessories

  • Fox Royale Compact Bucket

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    Perfect for the mobile angler these collapsible buckets are very compact and are ideal for bulk storage of boilies, pellets, groundbaits and other baits.

    • 1200 Denier Treated Polyester
    • 10mm Heavy Duty Double Zips
    • Stiffened EVA Grab Handles
    • Collapsible

  • Kodex 13L Bait Bucket

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    Kodex luggage is perfect for today’s discerning specimen and carp anglers. Every item has been designed to manage and organise your kit to maximum efficiency. The Kodex Bait Bucket includes padded carry handles and a secure full zip lid. Capacity: 13L, Length: 260mm, Width: 250mm, Height: 280mm.

  • Saber Supra Bucket Carryall

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    The Saber bucket carryall is perfect for stalking and day sessions or can be used as an out and out bait carryall. A 10 litre bait bucket can be added for carrying bait and has an external medium tackle box pocket for terminal tackle. Two external mesh pouches also allow you to carry catapults, spods, etc. A padded adjustable shoulder strap and padded carrying handles makes transporting easy.

    • One external tackle box pocket
    • Two external mesh acc pouches
    • Padded shoulder strap
  • Fox CamoLite 10L Bucket Carryall

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  • Korda Boilie Krusha

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    Long gone are the days spending hours in the kitchen mashing up potent-smelling fishmeal boilies in a food blender. Why, because the Krusha is here.

    The principle behind the Krusha was simple. We wanted to devise something that could crush up literally any bait out there within seconds; whether that be tiger nuts, pellets or air-dried boilies.

    So, the Krusha was born. Created as an ultra-strong and robust device the Krusha uses its sharp teeth to work together in motion to ultimately demolish anything that you put before it.

  • Korda Boilie Kutter

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    The Korda Kutter is a tool designed to slice boilies in half, you simply scoop a tube full of boilies then push them through the tube with the plunger provided, the boilies simply come out the end cut into 2.

  • Korda Infuza Hookbait Enhancer

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    Most anglers appreciate that the inspiration to develop a new product comes from being faced with a recurring problem, and here at Korda Developments we’ve recently seen an increase in the need for a no-fuss hook bait storage facility, which is why we decided to develop this little gem, the Korda Infuza.

    Boosted hook baits have been a popular technique in Carp fishing for many years; the use of oils, flavour additives and bait soaks have seen a resurgence in the last couple of years and the use of such products in our own fishing really did highlight the need for a product that satisfied our requirements.

    We needed to design something robust and easy to use, which allowed excess liquid to drain from the surface of the hook baits, ensuring an even coating. The internal tray allows the baits to sit above the glug, but be coated with a simple shake of the pot. Lastly, we wanted to design a quality piece of tackle. We think that the Korda Infuza does everything that an angler requires from this type of product.

  • Nash Bread Bombs

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    The ultimate bread rig, whether for surface feeders or as an alternative hookbait on the bottom. Cast as hard as you like and still present bread brilliantly, knowing it won’t fall off when you least want it to! Now in two sizes.

    Firmly holding a generous lump of either bread flake torn from the centre of a loaf, or a large crust section taken from unsliced bread the Bread Bomb secures a hookbait in the same way as a pellet band.

    Controlled stretch ensures the bread remains trapped in place, preventing it from breaking down so quickly and often allowing several recasts. The long hook gripper sleeve disguises the hook and keeps the point exposed for efficient hooking.

    Bread Bomb hookbaits can be fished popped-up, balanced to rest gently over weed or on the surface, and either on their own or amongst free offerings, resulting in a simple but deadly presentation for carp and other specimen fish. Three per packet.

  • Nash Baiting Pouch

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    A robust zip top pouch that holds up to five kilos of boilies, pellets or floaters, keeping bait to hand for convenient baiting.

    Helping you keep a rhythm when feeding with catapults or Deliverance sticks and spoons the semi-stiff design of the Baiting Pouch stays open for ease, an adjustable waist band and buckle keeping it secure on your hip or in front of the body. Doubles as a brilliant short session and stalking pouch to hold essentials as well as bait. Finished in wipe clean material.

    Other products shown for illustrative purposes only.

  • Nash Air Dry Bags

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    Essential session accessory for keeping bait in tip top condition without risk of spoiling.

    A great new addition to the Nash range, these extra light mesh drawstring bags keep your frozen bait aired avoiding moisture entrapment and mould on longer sessions. Hang in a tree out of the way of rodents. Tough carry handles. Choice of three capacities – holding 1 kg, 3 kg and 5 kg.

  • Ridge Monkey MK2 Air Dry System

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    The RidgeMonkey Air Dry System Mk2 is an essential tool that provides fast drying times when using frozen fresh bait. Featuring a tiered compartment design with optional extension layers. The integral boilie caddy adds another level of convenience, clipping around the waist to keep an amount of dried bait to hand at all times. Clipping using the quick release clips to the underside of the system when not in use.


    • Shower proof top layer.
    • Robust toggle zips.
    • Quick attach/release connectors.
    • Multi-tier construction allows multiple bait flavours/sizes to be dried simultaneously in separate compartments.
    • Circular design and 360 degree airflow reduces drying time.
    • Freezable rubberised material.
    • Integral boilie caddy included.
    • 10kg Capacity.
  • ESP Stalker Bait Pouch

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