Cooking Equipment

  • Saber Turbo LITE Stove

    0 out of 5

    Tough and sturdy frame with a ultra wide flame compact foldaway design made from aluminium alloy and stainless steel construction incorporating a piezoelectricity starting system.

  • Saber Tuff 3 Piece Cook Set

    0 out of 5

    Constructed from lightweight aluminium incorporating easy clean non stick anodized coating. Includes a free mesh bag.

    Set consists of:

    • 1 x frying pan
    • 1 x coldron
    • 1 X kettle
    • Space saving folding handles
    • Made from non stick material
  • Saber Tuff Pot

    0 out of 5

    Constructed from lightweight aluminium with easy clean non stick anodized coating incorporating space saving fold away handles. Supplied with mesh bag.

    • Capacity: 1.00L
  • Saber Tuff Frying Pan

    0 out of 5

    Constructed from lightweight aluminium with easy clean non stick anodized coating incorporating space saving fold away handles. Supplied with mesh bag.

    • Size: 177mm x 37mm
    • Capacity: 0.75L
  • Ridge Monkey Utensil Sets

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    Open up a whole new range of recipe ideas with this purpose made set. Featuring a moulded storage tray that fits snugly inside the toaster. The utensil set is a must have for anyone that is serious about their culinary creations. From a simple toastie through to such delights as omelettes, curry or even a full English breakfast. The heat resistant food grade nylon utensils have you covered. Once finished, everything than packs away inside the toaster taking up no extra space whatsoever. Perfect for the mobile angle that likes to keep packing down to a minimum.

  • Ridge Monkey Heavy Duty Water Carriers

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    Ridgemonkey Heavy Duty Water Carrier,

    Established in 2014 it is fair to say the RidgeMonkey is one of the youngest companies in the modern carp fishing market. However, this isn’t to say that the brand is novice, by any means, and in the past few years it has consistently produced best selling item after best selling item. The brand is one of the most popular on the market, thanks to its innovative and highly practical designs. All of the tackle and bankside accessories that the brand produces have been really cleverly thought through and the brand continues to add unique twists that revolutionise staples of the bank.

    The RidgeMonkey Heavy Duty Water Carrier is an example of how the brand’s innovative thinking has completely revamped an angler’s classic: the water bottle. The first thing to note about this Heavy Duty Water Carrier is that it is manufactured from a robust high-density polyethylene (HDPE) material. This is the same material that is used to construct the mains water supply piping, so you can be completely confident that this will last you for many years on the bank. However, this is only the beginning when it comes to the great features that the RidgeMonkey Water Carrier has to offer.

    The RidgeMonkey Heavy Duty Water Carrier comes in three different sizes. This means that you can pick the perfect size water bottle for you needs, so you never need to be lugging around a much too large water carrier for a short session or (conversely) you don’t have to keep leaving the swim to refill your water bottle when you’re spending a little longer on the bank. The smallest 5l size is ideal for the short session and day session angler. This is the perfect size for a day’s worth of brews, as well as a few cooling glasses of fresh water. The intermediate bottle size is 10l. As you might expect, this is the perfect bottle size for your mid-length sessions. It can hold enough water to fill your kettle numerous times, ensuring that you don’t have to abandon your swim mid-session in order refill your carrier. The largest size of the water carrier comes in at an impressive 15l. Whether you’re someone who enjoys multiple nights on the bank or you’re simply someone who gets through a lot of liquid, this is the perfect water carrier for you!

    You’ll probably notice that the RidgeMonkey Heavy Duty Water Carrier has two lids. On the larger two sizes, these one of these lids is significantly larger than the other. This is because RidgeMonkey understands that sometimes it can be awkward fitting a larger water bottle under a tap, especially on swims which have a sink fitting rather than an open tap. By providing you with a large opening, this ensures that you have a much better chance of filling your bottle quickly – and without loosing half the water you’re trying to get into it!

    The second lid of the RidgeMonkey Heavy Duty Water Carrier can be replaced with a tap, which is supplied with the water carrier as standard. This allows you to stand the RidgeMonkey on its side, preferably elevated on a bivvy table, over top of your kettle, mug, or saucepan – making filling your cooking equipment incredibly easy. Rather than having to heave your full water bottle up in order to pour in your water, instead you can simply open the tap and let the water pour directly into whichever container you’re trying to fill.

    As an added bonus, you’ll be pleased to hear that the handle of the RidgeMonkey Heavy Duty Water Carrier is comfortable. Despite the fact that you’ll probably be utilising your barrow for any distance transportation, this comfortable handle makes lifting the bottle from your boot to your barrow incredibly easy – even when the bottle is full.

  • Ridge Monkey Connect Combi (Black)

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    • The ultimate two pan cook system that allows you to cook twice as fast. Able to be separated from one another, each pan can be used separately or combined together to make bank life even easier. Use both together to help retain heat and flavour or separately to half your cooking time!
    • Why use multiple different pans when you can cook a whole range of goodies in just one mega versatile unit? Featuring a four section breakfast pan and a traditional deep sided frying pan on opposite sides, this will help you create a different offering every day. The best part? Thanks to the unique hinge design, the pans can also be detached and used completely independently of one another: you may never need to buy another pan again!!
    • Available in either a silver or black design.


    • Lightweight die-cast aluminium pans
    • Fluoropolymer non-stick coating
    • Removable handles for easy storage and transportation
    • Upper section acts as a lid to retain heat, flavour and moisture
    • EUIPO registered design
  • Ridge Monkey Deep Fill Sandwich Toaster with Utensil

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    RidgeMonkey Deep Fill Sandwich Toaster XL with utensil MK2


    The RidgeMonkey XL was the big brother to the original award winning sandwich toaster and it was received to the same critical acclaim. Now the brand has re-vamped the entire Deep Fill Sandwich Toaster range, including the XL. This updated version not only features two different colour options but each toaster is also supplied with its own utensil set as standard, too. If you were a fan of the original then you are going to love this up-to-the-minute new addition to the range.


    The RidgeMonkey Deep Fill Sandwich Toaster XL with Utensils Mk2 is manufactured from the same high quality die-cast aluminium as the original. This is a tried and tested material which is not only exceptionally lightweight but also supremely durable, making this is the ideal pan option for the dedicated carper who is on the bank more than they are off it. What’s more, this top end material is finished with a fluoropolymer non-stick coating. This is the main component used in the popular Teflon brand and it ensures that you can cook even the sloppiest of products without worrying that you’re going to be spending hours chiselling the pan clean when you arrive back home. Whether you’re using your toaster to cook a classic cheese sandwich or you’re going for something a little more gourmet, you’re bound to get food residue left on the inside of your pan. With this special non-stick coating you can be confident that you’re able to clean your pan with ease after use – simply use hot soapy water and a gentle cloth and all the residue should be easily wiped away.


    The exterior of the RidgeMonkey Deep Fill Sandwich Toaster XL with Utensils Mk2 features the same innovative ridges as the original pan. These have been purpose designed to ensure that heat can transfer across the entirety of the pan, preventing hot spots which are so common on traditional flat-bottomed pans. This ensures that your food is cooked quickly and efficiently, reducing gas expenditure as well as saving you time on the bank! The biggest selling point of the RidgeMonkey Deep Fill has always been its dual sided properties. This means that you can close and flip the pan, allowing you to cook food from both sides for a reduced cooking time. This re-vamped version of the classic is much the same and features cool touch lockable handles. These allow you to seal the two halves of the pan together, so you never need to worry about your pan falling open mid-flip, and they allow you to hold the handles throughout the cooking process without worrying about burns.


    As with the original, this RidgeMonkey Deep Fill Sandwich Toaster XL with Utensils Mk2 features over double the capacity of the standard Deep Fill pan. This allows you to cook a whole host of bankside meals, whether they are light snacks or full English fry-ups. The pan has the following dimensions: 190mm x 210mm x 45mm. When you include the handles in these measurements they add an additional 200mm to the total length of the pan, bringing it to 390mm. For the first time ever, this pan is available in either black or silver. This means that you can pick the colour that best suits your angling style, whether you prefer traditional colours or modern and carpy all-black. As the name suggests, both versions of the toaster come with a complete set of utensils. These include a slotted spoon and spatula, and a standard spoon and spatula. As with the original, although this toaster is compatible with any standard gas stove it should not be used with an induction hob.