Fish Care & Scales

  • Saber Supra Floation Weigh Sling

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    RRP £29.99

    Manufactured using 420D PVC waterproof material and super soft fish friendly mesh for quick water drainage. Padded EPE foam tubes on each end are used the keep sling afloat in the water and integrated sack cord with pouch allows you to safely attached the sling to a bank stick on the bank for complete safety. Break points in the aluminum bars allow the sling to folded in half giving more space.

    • A fully closing zip keeps fish securely in sling while in the water at all times
    • Double weigh handles
    • Dimensions: 120 x 55 x 14cm
  • Saber Everlevel Carp Crib

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    RRP £59.99

    Manufactured using super soft PVC waterproof materiel and a super strong fish friendly mesh for quick drainage the Saber Ever level carp crib supports and protects your catch and keeps it extra safe during unhooking and photography. Adjustable legs keep your catch level and easily accessible and a protection cover keeps your catch safe during those moments when you have to get the forceps ect, Plus, the Crib features a light yet incredibly durable folding frame so it folds away compact and flat for easy transportation.

    • Folds away compact
    • Manufactured using super soft PVC waterproof material
    • Fully adjustable Legs with mud feet
    • Lightweight design
    • Dimensions: 62 x 102 x 35cm (folding to 62 x 51 x 15cm)
    • Weight: 3.3kg
  • Fox Digital Scales 60Kg

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    Following huge demand we are now able to offer these new and improved Digital Weighing Scales that are capable of weighing the largest of carp. Featuring a compact design they are extremely user-friendly and couldn’t be easier to use…

    • Features on/off button to ensure maximum battery life
    • Independently sealed electronics
    • Simple zero button (0.00) which you press once you have attached your wet weigh sling
    • Simply press the kg/lb button to select between kilograms or pounds
    • Backlit screen for easy use in the dark
    • Metal loop on top for use with a weigh bar or crook, or simply use your thumb for small fish
    • Large weighing hook so easy to place weigh sling on it
    • Low battery indicator
    • Weighs up to 60kg (132lb) in 1oz increments
    • Supplied with protective PU hard case
    • Takes 2 x AA batteries
    £94.99 £89.99
  • Saber Weigh Bar

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    The Saber Weigh Bar enables 2-handed lifting of your scales and sling when weighing all big fish. It’s essential for safe, steady, accurate weighing. The Weigh Bar is small enough to stash easily in your rucksack and, rated at 100kg, will easily deal with ANYTHING you catch Plus, the soft, rubber grips ensure comfortable, positive grip.

  • Saber Digital Scales 110lb/50kg

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    Saber Digital Scales come packed with a host of features making them easy to use, superbly accurate and remarkably small. Strong, folding arms mean you can easily lift them and a sturdy eye fitting means you can mount them from a tripod or weigh bar. A large, backlit display means the scales are easy to read, night or day and they are simple to zero on a sling and to switch between kilos to pounds and ounces. The scales weigh up to 110lb/50kg in 1oz/20g increments. There is even an auto shutdown function and a low battery indicator.

    • Weigh up to 110lb/50kg in 1oz/20g increments
    • Strong, folding arms
    • Backlit display
  • Saber 60lb/27kg Scales

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    Robust, accurate dial scales for all big fish anglers. Sturdy metal fittings and slick, precise adjustment complement a clear, easy to read dial with fluorescent pointer. The scales weigh up to 60lb in 20z divisions.

  • Fox CamoLite STR Floatation Weigh Sling

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  • Gardner Medic+ Antiseptic Gel

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  • Gardner Intensive Care Kit

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  • Nash Medi Carp Kit

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    Carp First Aid Kit to treat hook marks, cuts and body sores.

    Promotes tissue repair and helps to ensure carp stay in prime condition.

    • 1 x 25ml bottle of Medi Carp • 4 x Applicator buds • 1 x Drying Towel • Dedicated zipped storage pouch

  • Nash KNX 5 Fold Unhooking Mat

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    Brilliant concertina design unhooking mat.

    A simple but brilliant concertina design mat that reduces transport size but ensures a generous padded area to protect valuable big fish of all species. Clips together for easy transport, offering much less bulk than standard mats.

    Dimensions: 100cm x 60cm

  • Nash Carp Sack (Standard)

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    The safest carp sacks on the market. Exclusively supplied to Redmire Pool.

    • Sack neatly folds away inside its own external pocket• Supplied with H-Block style sack location float in Velcro pocket• Airflow loose weave material for water exchange and safety• Includes heavy duty rot proof retention cord in Velcro pocket• Extra tough clip and metal ring for secure zip fastening