• Saber 42″ 2 piece Landing Net

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    RRP £24.99

    A strong yet light 6 ft 2-piece compact handle gives superb versatility and ease of transport. The handle is adorned with abbreviated Japanese shrink wrap, tipped whippings and a robust, composite spreader block. The 42” arms will swallow anything that swims and the soft, olive green mesh will protect it. Complete with drawstring stink/carry bag.

    • 6 ft two-piece compact landing net handle
    • 42” arms
    • split Japanese shrink wrap handle
  • Fox Warrior S 42″ Landing Net

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    We appreciate that not all anglers can justify spending the type of money that our Horizon and Horizon XT nets command and therefore have produced a landing net that we feel will appeal to the angler on a tight budget that still strives for top quality products at value for money prices. Over the years our Warrior carp rods have achieved a reputation for offering such a service, especially our latest Warrior S rods, so we felt it only right that we should introduce a landing net that complemented these rods. The result is truly remarkable – the new Warrior S Landing Net, quite possibly the best landing net ever produced in its price bracket!

    • Unique Fox moulded spreader block
    • Unbelievably light
    • Matt black carbon handle with white graphics
    • 95cm mesh
    • Arms have a 90degree angle on end to help protect the mesh
    • Offers unrivalled value for money
    • Supplied with net bag
    • Available in either 42 or 46ins

    Warrior S FeaturesMouse over image to pause, click to advance
    The Warrior S features a unique moulded plastic spreader block.The mesh is black in colour, shallow at 95cm deep and very soft.

  • Fox Deluxe Weigh Bar

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    The Deluxe Weigh Bar is designed to take the strain out of weighing fish, featuring a Carabiner style clip for quick and easy attachment to scales and textured rubber safe grip handles to provide a firm and comfortable grip.

  • Nash Landing Net Stink Bag

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    A brilliantly simple accessory to keep damp patches and the smell of wet nets out of your car for good!

    Manufactured from waterproof PVC with welded seams to ensure zero water leakage, the Stink Bag retains wet landing nets, eliminating odour and keeping rod luggage and car boots dry.

    The zipped compartment will accommodate two nets up to 44 inches (112cm), or one net plus retainer sling. Landing net poles fit into an external base pocket and are secured to the sleeve via Velcro fastenings.

    Contents shown for illustrative purposes only.

  • Fox CamoLite STR Floatation Weigh Sling

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  • Kodex Kompact 2m Tele Handle

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    The Kodex Kompact SS handle from 30Plus is a telescopic 2m design and only 1.1m long when collapsed, so it’s superb for stalking, roaming and transportation. It is a strong and powerful phenolic construction with steel reinforced strength ring and a special beefy diameter top section for even more strength.

  • Nash KNX Net

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    The KNX combination of custom style, and understated black finish to match the KNX rod series.

    • High quality 42 inch mesh
    • Isotope slot and laser etched decal in butt
    • Twin shrink grips
    • Soft touch rubber CAD designed spreader block for easy assembly and disassembly
    • Twin isotope slots on spreader block
    • Minimal gloss black decals and matte black whippings

    £65.99 £59.99
  • Fox Camo STR Floatation Weigh Sling

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    • Based on original STR Weigh Sling design, which has proven to be one of the most popular in Europe
    • Features unique Fox Camo pattern
    • Measures 124cm long by 39cm wide with a drop of 75cm
    • Built around full length floats which support a lightweight, fish-friendly mesh
    • Top mesh panel allows you to view fish at all times
    • Full length double zips secured by a dog clip to ensure security
    • Sculpted to house and fully support fish centrally during weighing
    • Zip baffles to fully protect fish
    • Double grab handles each end for safe lifting and carrying
    • Reinforced stitching on all pressure points
    • 3m heavy duty sack cord supplied in an external pocket
    • Supplied in nylon sleeve / stink bag
    • Mesh venting allows rapid water drainage for quick, accurate weighing
    • Double weigh handles with centre locating loops

  • Saber Carbon 42″ Landing Net and Staff

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    RRP £49.99

    Our Carbon 2 Piece 42” Landing Net’s full carbon construction  delivers a highly manoeuvrable, rigid netting tool. The staff’s 2 piece,  take-apart construction offers complete versatility across stalking, boat work  and all big fish disciplines with the 22” Japanese shrink wrap handle ensuring a  sure grip, along your entire forearm.  The diminutive black anodised alloy spreader boasts  giant strength, durability and speedy set-up. The carbon arms feature black aluminium ferrules and tips and are swathed in a soft, light olive micro mesh.

    The landing net is stealth finished with emerald tipped onyx whippings, subtle decals and an anodised black, logo etched butt cap to deliver superb, all round performance.

    Complete with drawstring stink/carry bag.