Rod Support

  • Nash Siren Snag Ears

    0 out of 5

    Strong metal arm assembly to prevent rods being pulled from rests when snag fishing or locked up in weed.

    Snag ear rod protection, attaching over 3/8” BSF threads to all banksticks and buzzer bars. Perfect for Siren S5 and S5R alarms, and with universal fit for other models.Strong metal arms prevent rods being pulled from rests when snag fishing or locked up in weed, with arms individually removable to suit the security required for different swims.

    • Universal fit Snag Ear bracket• Black soft touch finish to protect rod blanks• Individually removable arms• Brass indicator thread compatible with Slapheads and Optics systems

  • Fox Butt Grip

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    They have been constructed from a robust rubber that grips to the butt of your rod with impressive strength. This grip is greater than most other models available as despite their small size the Fox Butt Grips are actually in contact with more of the butt’s surface area than most. As mentioned previously they are very small, which when coupled with their minimalist styling makes them every tackle tarts dream back rest! There are two models available, which are Small for standard abbreviated handles and Large for full Duplon and cork handles.

  • Fox Butt Cap

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  • Fox Black Label Stage Stand

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  • Fox Black Label Snag Ears

    0 out of 5
    • Perfect for prevent rod from coming off alarm when snag fishing
    • Ears can be unscrewed to protect them in transit or when they are not needed
    • Rubber over moulds on the top half are designed to offer protection to your rod
    • Designed to work with most bite alarms, especially our N and M series of Microns!
    • Available in two sizes – standard and XL for fishing with rod tips high
    • Packaging made from 100% recycled cardboard


  • Fox Cam-Lok Powerpoint Bank Sticks

    0 out of 5
    • Fox bank sticks from the black label Series
    • Bank Sticks With Auger for easy screwing into hard ground
    • 5 lengths to choose from
    • Long lasting black anodised coating
    • Interior has a flattened side to compliment this from twisting within the main bank sticks
  • Fox 3 Rod Fixed Buzz Bars

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    There are two Fixed Buzz Bars in the range – 2-Rod and a 3-Rod. As with the Adjustable Buzz Bars they also work with the Conversion Kit to transform into goal posts that will work on their own or in conjunction with the Black Label Rod Pod.


    Supplied with

    hardwearing leather washer to give good purchase when tightening to bankstick

    2-Rod (4.5ins back/5ins front) and 3-Rod (9ins back/10ins front) allow you to fish with your rods very close together

    Central screw thread can then be removed when being used as a goal post setup

    Packaging made from 100% recycled cardboard

  • Fox Rod Loks

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    • New take on a classic Fox product
    • Steel skeletal frame over moulded in plastic and soft touch rubber
    • Designed to tightly grip the butt of the rod
    • Two sizes available – Medium and Large
    • Medium suited to abbreviated handles, Large ideal for Slim Cork and Slim Duplon handles
  • Nash Butt Grips

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    Nash Butt Grips, The butt grip offers maximum grip to the rubber rear rest. It securely grips cork handles, shrink or abbreviated rod finishes.

  • Nash Rear Rod Rest

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    Rear Rod Rests

    Simple and efficient rear rod rests

    Simple and efficient rear rod rests with a choice of stainless or plastic screw threads.

    Moulded, wide profile butt rests which are suitable for all types of rod butt. They look great on any of the Nash Pods/Buzz Bars or on single bank sticks.

  • Nash Knx Rod Pod

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    The super compact KNX Pods offer single solution go anywhere rod support with micro style.


    The super compact KNX Pods offer single solution go anywhere rod support with micro style. Adjustable length main bars and fold out compact support legs ensure stable rod set ups on almost any bank, from platforms and staging to inpenetrable gravel.

    The pods include four KNX bank sticks with twist compression cam adjustment and fixed KNX bars, all in cult matte black finish. On natural banks there’s the option of using the sticks and bars goal post style where the pod is not required – all your rod support in one great product. Available in 2 Rod and 3 Rod.

  • MIDDY Bank Stick (Telescopic) 30″

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    Middy’s range of bank sticks covers all of your bank-fixing needs! The telescopic sticks are available in 30″ (75cm) and 48″ (125cm) lengths and are suitable for setting up rods in-the-air skyline style for barbel river fishing. They incorporate die-cast quality arrow points and blocks with firm hold twist locks. See the full range which also includes non-telescopic types and a 30″ Economy bank stick.