Tackle Boxes

  • Nash Rig Station Testing Tank

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    An essential accessory for the switched on carper wanting to fine tune hook baits for the most effective presentation.

    A dedicated rig testing container designed to add flexibility to your Rig Station. The Testing Tank simply clips onto the side of the Station for testing rigs out prior to casting, checking balance and even washing out hook baits in lake water whilst on a session. Can also be used without water for storing pre-tied cobweb bags or for keeping stick and bag fillings to hand.

    Key Features

    • Tough moulded construction
    • Easy clip in attachment
    • Stores inside Rig Station
    • Deep enough to balance and adjust pop-up rigs
  • Fox Box Logic Bivy box Table

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  • Nash Bug Box

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    Whether you’re a fan of the Critters, Bugs or Zig Bug Floater range the Bug Box is an essential accessory to store your zig hookbaits.

    Sitting neatly inside Box Logic tackle boxes and stations the Bug Box is the best way to organise the deadly Nash Zig Bug artificials for zig and floater work. High density foam lined and with individual hook recesses to neatly store 18 different patterns of bug it keeps your hook points protected and razor sharp and allows you to see and switch patterns instantly in order to bring action.

    • Displays Bug options at a glance
    • Protects Zig Bug hook points
    • Fits Box Logic tackle boxes and stations
  • Nash Uni Rig Bin

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    The best storage solution for supple rigs and zig rigs.

    The large capacity Uni Rig Bin is perfect for braid rigs, coated links, zig rigs, chod rigs – in fact every rig except the stiff rig for which there’s also a dedicated Box Logic Stiff Rig Box. Neat twin pin fixing bars allow links finished with loops as well as swivels to be retained securely, the cross bar allowing shrink tube extensions to remain angled correctly when stored, rather than being straightened. A long storage compartment down the centre allows you to store baiting tools and needles, or even floats.

    Key Features

    Suitable for any rigs except stiff rigs

    Tough moulded construction

    Large capacity

    Central storage for needles and baiting tools

  • Nash Shallow Boxes

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    Shallow Box 1

    A single compartment shallow box that perfectly fits Box Logic stations and tackle boxes.

    Perfect for storing larger terminal tackle items such as critical balancing foams, anti-tangle tubing and leaders and splicing needles the Shallow Box 1 is part of the dedicated modular Box Logic range, other Shallow Boxes available in 2 and 6 compartment configurations.

    Key Features

    • Fits Box Logic tackle boxes and stations
    • Single compartment storage box

    Shallow Box 2

    A twin compartment shallow box that perfectly fits Box Logic stations and tackle boxes.

    Perfect for storing longer items the Shallow Box 2 is divided lengthways to neatly accommodate sleeves, bolt beads and rubbers. Shallow Box 2 is part of the dedicated modular Box Logic range other Shallow Boxes available in 1 and 6 compartment configurations.

    Key Features

    • Fits Box Logic tackle boxes and stations
    • Twin compartment storage box

    Shallow Box 6

    A six compartment shallow box that perfectly fits Box Logic stations and tackle boxes.

    Perfect for storing keeping the smallest rig components tidy the Shallow Box 6 is divided equally into 6 compartments to neatly accommodate beads swivels and stops. Shallow Box 6 is part of the dedicated modular Box Logic range, other Shallow Boxes available in 1 and 2 compartment configurations.

    Key Features

    • Fits Box Logic tackle boxes and stations
    • Six compartment storage box
  • Nash Soft Box

    0 out of 5

    Brilliant Terminal Tackle storage solutions and great alternatives to traditional moulded tackle boxes. Available in two sizes.

    Favoured by top carpers for their versatility and compactness, the Soft Boxes are a tough, fold out pouch design. Available in standard and XL dimensions.

    The large main compartment has a removable Velcro partition, allowing you to store bigger items like markers, line spools and PVA, the opposing half of the pouch zips open to offer a stiff rig board complete with pins to store ready-tied rigs, along with 5 clear storage wallets for tubing, leaders and rig bits.

    • Dual fold out compartments accessed by central zip
    • Rig board with pins for hooklink storage
    • Suede soft touch carry handle
    • Includes five clear rig and accessory wallets
  • Fox Bait Tubs Clear x 6

    0 out of 5

    Designed for secure storage of all hook baits Fox Bait Tubs feature a screw down leak proof lid with rubber O ring seal, allowing dipped and soaked pop-ups, bottom baits, plastic baits or wet particle hook baits to be stored without risk of spillage or contamination inside your bait carryall.

  • Korda Rig Safe

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    Rig Safe Combi

    A magnetic rig case with 12 internal compartments for rig bits!

    – Specially made aluminium bar keeps hook links from tangling

    – Will store up to 20 rigs

    – Supplied with standard pins and double pins, so hook links without loops or

    swivels can be stored

    Unlike the existing Rig-Safe models, this one also provides storage for small essential rig components, such as boilie stops, beads, swivels, shrink tube and anything else of a similar size.

    These are kept in the 12 secure compartments that fill one side of the case, which snap shut to ensure there is no chance of them spilling out during transit.

    The other side of the Mini Rig-Safe Combi will hold 20 rigs of up to eight inches in length, which are stored neatly and held in place via the pins provided. It comes supplied with 15 standard pins for storing finished rigs on the high density foam board, plus 10 double pins that will hold rigs in place that are yet to have a swivel or similar attached to them.

    It features the specially machined, ridged aluminium bar that is found on the other Rig-Safe models, and is designed to retain your hooks in perfect condition and keeps them razor sharp, plus the way it has been made ensured that curved shrink tube and ‘kickers’ stay the correct shape during storage.

    The Mini Rig-Safe Combi is made from high impact plastic and is incredibly strong, plus it is finished in soft touch rubber to allow a good grip in wet conditions. The clever magnetic locking system ensures that it can’t come open during transit, but there are no latches to fiddle about with top open and close it when you have cold hands!

    Large Rig Safe

    – Magnetic rig case

    – Can store rigs of 12 inches or longer

    – Double-ended design allows 90 rigs to be stored

    – Features a soft-touch rubber over moulded finish with ruler for rig tying

    Those of you who use longer rigs or need more storage space will love the Large Rig-Safe! This is the ultimate rig storage system for anyone looking for more capacity than the existing Mini Rig-Safe offers, or needs somewhere to store pre-tied rigs of 12 inches or longer.

    It will hold up to 90 rigs, thanks to one side of it featuring double-ended storage, and the clever magnetic locking system means that it will never come open accidentally during transit, but is very easy to open when you want to, even with cold hands!

    The Large Rig-Safe features a specially machined, ridged aluminium bar to retain the hooks and keep them razor sharp until you’re ready to use them, and it has been shaped so that if you’re using a curved shrink tube kicker it retains its shape if you store them point upwards.

    It comes supplied with 30 standard pins to hold swivels or loops in place on the high density foam inner, and prevent tangles, or if you prefer to tie your rigs to the right length when you arrive at the water, then you can make use of the 20 double pins which will keep those in place, rather than in a knotted mess!

    It is made from high-impact plastic, meaning that it is every strong, and is finished in soft-touch rubber, which not only feels nice in your hands but allows a good grip on it even when wet. The outside is marked up to 12 inches or 30 cm, so you can tie your rigs to exactly the length that you require.

  • Nash TT Rig Station

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    The Box Logic Rig Station organises all your terminal tackle, from the largest to the smallest items. It’s a tackle box, work station and rig storage system in one – a complete solution.

    Constantly looking for the kit you need to outsmart pressured carp? Using boxes for rigs, pouches for marker floats and leads, another box for beads, swivels and stops? With the Box Logic Rig Station everything you need is in one organised, practical workspace.

    Able to keep the smaller rig bits and tools together with the efficiency of a traditional tackle box, but with enough storage for spods, markers, even cobweb PVA loading tubes and refills it’s the ultimate way to keep you fishing as effectively as possible.

    Fold out legs keep everything flat and to hand, and with neat Nash touches like storage loops to keep ready baited rigs to hand and a slide out rig board the Rig Station is the complete carp work space.

    Key Features

    • Large capacity tackle box with a double depth of 10cm to provide compartments to accommodate larger items
    • Variable partitioning to customize storage space to suit your tackle. Supplied with four large and eight small dividers
    • Fold flat spring-loaded adjustable legs with mud feet
    • Deep lip worktop to prevent tackle spill
    • Metric and imperial calibration for accurate rig construction
    • Storage draw with integral rig board
    • Ready to go rig retaining loops
  • Korda Chod Safe

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    If you use chod rigs, or hinged stiff rigs then you’re going to want one of these neat cases. They’re an impact-proof way to curve and store up to 28 perfect Mouth Trap hook sections, of a range of lengths. Two different diameter sections allow you to set, and keep both short and longer pre-tied chod rigs in the perfect fish-catching curve.

    What’s more, there’s also space for three pre-tied leadcore leaders (or similar) with Heli-Safe beads attached. Those clever design bods have engineered a pop-up handle to allow you to steam your chods into the perfect curve, without burning your fingers too!

    The ChodSafe is finished in a soft-touch rubber and features a neat magnetic closure system to prevent it opening in transit.

    Each ChodSafe comes with thirty pins to secure your rigs to the foam-lined cylindrical sections.

  • Nash Tackle Boxes

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    The carp world’s tackle box of choice.

    A high quality impact moulded box with no ribbing on the lid to provide a smooth uninterrupted work surface with a lip to prevent tackle spill. Metric and imperial calibration allows accurate rig construction, with extra deep sections to accommodate Box Logic accessories and allow your box to be customized to suit your style.

    Key Features:

    • Supplied with six dividers
    • Secure easy slide lid locks
    • Metric and imperial rig tying measure
  • Fox F Box Medium

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