Terminal Tackle

  • Korda Safe Zone Anti Tangle Sleeves

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    Anti Tangle Sleeve

    These little gems were designed to prevent tangles on the cast, and help to kick your hook bait away from the lead once the rig lands on the lake bed, giving excellent presentation.
    You only have to watch Underwater 8 to understand how much difference these seemingly simple little rubber sleeves made. When combined with Ali’s fluorocarbon rigs, the Anti-Tangle Sleeves actually helped his rigs to reset themselves after they’d been rejected by wary fish. That meant that even though he’d been ‘done’ his rig was still fishing effectively, ready for the next customer!

    The Anti-Tangle Sleeves come in muted brown and green, to match all lake beds.

  • Korda Heli Safe System

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  • Korda IQ-D Rig

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  • Nash Bait Screw 8mm

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    Nash Bait Screw 8mm, The quickest and easiest anti-eject bait mounting yet, Bait Screws pierce and grip pop ups, cork balls, boilies, plastic baits and nuts. Offering total freedom of movement Bait Screws enhance rig mechanics and hook turning for the most effective presentation possible. 10 per packet.

  • Korda Dark Matter Braid hook Link

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    Dark Matter Braid

    – Fast-sinking hook link braid
    – Banded camo pattern helps it blend in
    – Perfect for use with solid PVA bags
    – Available in 15lb, 20lb and 30lb versions

    This is a super-supple, super-heavy braided hook link with a clever banded-camou finish that blends in well over most lake beds. The tough fibre filaments are tightly woven, making for a supple-yet-tough hook link braid. It’s been designed to sink extremely well, hugging the contours of the lake bed that you’re fishing over for maximum subtlety.

    Dark Matter Braid lends itself to a host of rigs, including solid-bag presentations, the Slip-D rig, Darrell Peck’s simple bottom bait rig and, of course, combi rigs.

  • Korda Kurv Shank Hooks Range

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  • Fox EDGES Micro Speed Links

    0 out of 5

    These compact Links are ideal for quick changing rigs when fishing with mesh sticks or for easy lead changing when used with helicopter set ups.

  • Fox EDGES Silicone Sleeve

    0 out of 5

    Ideal for sleeving the swivels attached to leads to prevent tangles and for protecting Speed Links.

  • Fox EDGES Power Grip Lead Clip Kit

    0 out of 5
    • Handy kit that includes everything needed for creating a lead clip setup
    • Includes following Edges Trans Khaki products: Power Grip Tail Rubbers, size 7 Lead Clips with T pegs, standard Anti Tangle Sleeves
    • Also supplied with bot standard size 7 swivels and size 7 Kwik Change Swivels.
    • Five of every component supplied in kit
  • Fox EDGES Micro Rig Swivels

    0 out of 5

    FOX swivels are manufactured with a non reflective coating and feature barrels that rotate smoothly under tension with perfectly formed eyes. Micro rig swivels are perfect for the creation of Chod and Hinged Stiff Rigs and for other delicate presentations where rig subtlety is required.

  • Korda Sinkers

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    A compact tungsten-rubber weight, designed to slide onto your hook link and pin it to the lake bed. Moistening the hooklength will allow the Sinkers to slide along the hook link much easier. The great thing about a Sinker is that it stays in position, rather than flying off on the cast like putty can. Available in three colours to camouflage into the lake bed and three separate sizes.

  • Korda Dark Matter Tungsten Tubing

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