Zig & Floater Fishing

  • Nash NXT Zig Flo Mono

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    Nash NXT Zig Flo Mono, Ultra buoyant low visibility, excellent knot strength to diameter and exceptional abrasion resistance. NXT zig flo has been specifically designed for targeting carp in the upper layers of the water when floater or zif rig fishing.

  • Korda Zig Kit

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    ZIGKIT makes fishing adjustable zigs easier than ever before…

    The new Korda Zig Kit makes fishing adjustable zigs easier than ever before, following extensive testing to get it just right.

    Using an adjustable zig allows you to search out the water column within your swim until you discover what depth the carp are swimming at, but without the need to keep winding in, tying on a different length hook link and re-casting. So not only are they less hassle, but they also create far less disturbance.

    Often when zig fishing you are more worried about how far under the surface your hookbait is than the exact depth of water that you are fishing in. The drop of the lead will give you a rough idea of the depth, and you can then simply pull the float down to the required depth below the surface, rather than having to disturb any fish in the area with a marker float to enable you to tie conventional zigs to the correct length. It also means that when you do catch you will know how far below the surface the bait was at, rather than how far off the bottom it was, which is far more useful as carp tend to cruise at the same level in the upper layers regardless of what the contours of the lake bed are doing, to a large extent!

    The blow-moulded float used in the Zig Kit has been carefully chosen to ensure that it is buoyant enough that it will easily rise to the surface, but still small enough not to overly adversely affect the range at which it can be used.

    The float itself is a light grey colour to make it as unobtrusive as possible when fished mid-water, whatever the light and water conditions happen to be. It features a soft insert in the nose which will neatly house a size 11 QC swivel, which is supplied with it, as well as an anti-tangle sleeve.

    The boom section may seem like simply just a boom onto which a lead can quickly be clipped, allowing you to change lead size as needed, but that also has to be just right to prevent tangles. The key to this is a ball-bearing swivel which ensures that the boom can rotate rapidly during flight, thus preventing tangles, and once on the lake bed a polyball ensures that it sits up over any debris, allowing the float to rise freely and then to be adjusted to the required depth.

    The float has a ‘target’ square marked on it and before you cast out each time you simply take a piece of dissolvable foam, lick it, and push it onto the float so that it sticks to it, taking care not to crush it too much in the process. Then you just have to stick your hook into the foam and you are all ready to cast out.

    The Zig Kit has been designed to make it as tangle-free as possible, even in windy conditions, but in the event that it does tangle at all you will usually know, as the float won’t rise to the surface as it normally does.

    During testing some of the Korda team have had some fantastic results using them, including Ian Bailey, who has managed commons to over 40lb on the Zig Kit so far!

  • Nash NXT Zig Flo (100 Metres)

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    Dedicated hooklink line for zig or floater fishing.

    Ultra clear, low visibility and with excellent knot strength to diameter and exceptional abrasion resistance Zig Flo is the only choice for surface and zig work. Supplied on 100 metre spools ideal for floater and zig links and now also by popular demand 300 metre spools, allowing you to fill a reel with the perfect floater line. Available in 8 lb (0.23mm), 10 lb (0.28mm) and 12 lb (0.30mm).

  • Nash Zig Links

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    Zig Links bring fewer missed takes and better hook holds, adding valuable free movement to a hookbait and allowing cruising carp to suck it in more easily as the link lifts off the lakebed.

    Testing has shown Zig Links to offer a valuable presentation edge when targeting wary carp caught repeatedly on traditional fixed line tethered zig hookbaits with limited movement.

    Tungsten impregnated Zig Links slide over swivels to double as an anti-tangle boom, dramatically reducing tangles with long links and overcome limitations of fixed long links and poor hooking mechanics. Zig Links slip securely over hook length swivels of all lead systems, standing the link away from the main line.

  • Nash Zig Floats

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    Zig Floats are the easiest, most tangle proof adjustable zig system yet devised. Don’t tie different links to find feeding carp – use the Zig Float to feed your hookbait up or down in the water to quickly find the depth carp are swimming at.

    Nash Zig Floats are the simplest and most efficient way yet of exploring all depths of a swim for feeding carp. Shaped for accurate casting and maximum buoyancy, Zig Floats can be fed quickly up through the water column to pin point feeding carp. Tough rubber collars in black and high-viz orange allow zig hookbaits to be fed to the surface and seen clearly before the rig is adjusted accurately downwards.

    The rigid stem holds the lead and float together in flight for maximum distance with fewer tangles, a speed clip allowing leads to be removed between sessions and altered quickly to suit different venues and swims. Zig Floats offer the thinking carper a new presentation dimension. Available in two sizes. Each pack contains one Zig Float, two collars and one speed clip.

  • ESP Zig Bug Water Boatmen

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  • Fox Zig Float Kit

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    • New fluted design for increased casting stability
    • Resistance cavities aid hooking properties
    • Finished in Trans Khaki colouration
    • Shaped to accommodate the Edges Angled Drop Off Run Ring
    • Supplied with a boom
    • Incorporates an Edges Angled Drop Off Run Ring at one end
    • And an Edges Heli Drop Off Bead at the other
    • You can choose to eject the lead (without losing boom)
    • Or keep the lead depending on how much weed is present
    • Features unique anti-tangle cavity
    • Place a small piece of rolled up dissolving foam
    • You can then nick your hook into
    • Supplied with a ball bearing swivel to reduce hooklength twist
    • Also supplied with Trans Khaki Short Anti-Tangle Sleeve
  • Korda Zig Magnet

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  • Korda Interceptor Controller Float

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  • Fox Exocet Controller Floats Medium

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    • Stubby shape designed to reduce diving on impact with water
    • Features flat faces to increase the bolt effect and improve hooking.
    • Removable body allows easy changing of controller sizes.
    • Supplied with Standard swivel and Kwik Change with micro sleeve option
  • Fox Zig Lead Clip Set

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    Edges Zig Lead Clip Kit


    • Specifically designed for Zig Rig fishing
    • The lead clip itself accommodates a ball bearing swivel
    • Ball bearing swivel reduces line twist associated with fishing long monofilament hooklinks
    • Features Trans Khaki colouration
    • Supplied with 5 x Naked Line Tail Rubber,5 x Zig Lead Clip, 5 x ball bearing swivel, 5 x XL anti-tangle sleeves and 5 x T-Peg for securing clip to swivel
    • Lead clip features a ‘Slik’ style finish with no serrations to help lead eject more effectively
  • Fox Zig Aligna Foam

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    These innovative new range of Zig Aligna’s are set to change the way that anglers fish with Zig Rigs forever. Based on our Line Aligna Adaptor, which was developed for pop-up and bottom bait fishing, the new Zig Aligna is constructed from a softer, more buoyant plastic and features a unique moulded loop on the back. By using the loading tool supplied in the Zig Aligna Kit you can simply insert your chosen colour of foam into the loop on the back of the Aligna and trim it to your preferred size to create the ultimate hookbait. The loop grips the foam extremely tightly meaning it will not come off even on the biggest of casts.

    Benefits of the Zig Aligna

    • Better Hookholds and anti-eject properties – Creates a much wider gape than a standard knotless knot or Zig Bug style hook (no fluff or foam impeding hook point penetration), for much better hooking potential.
    • Better Hooking Potential – The Aligna allows your hookbait to sit centralised at all times, a downside with a knotless knot on light mono is that the Hair naturally wants to sit off to one side, which can lead to poor hook holds.
    • Stronger more reliable knots can be used – Allows you to attach your hook to your hooklink with a Palomar or Grinner Knot rather than a Knotless Knot, which are much stronger and also prevents the eye of your hook from rubbing on and weakening the hooklink when playing a fish.
    • Far greater value for money – Should your hookpoint turn over you can simply slide the Aligna up your hooklink and attach a new hook – with Zig Bug style hookbaits once the point has gone they have to be thrown away, which can get very expensive.
    • Very versatile – You can mix and match the colours of foam and Zig Aligna to create a whole host of hookbait colour options until you find the combo that works the best on any given day.
    • Very Quick and Easy – Changing of your hookbait is very quick to do and swapping hookbaits is also very fast thanks to the unique loading tool.
    • Imitate Shape of Emerging Larvae – Most Zig Bug style hookbaits imitate creatures that live out of the water, which is a pretty pointless imitation as they are not natural! The shape of the Zig Aligna combined with a foam insert very much replicates the shape of a nymph with a thin curved body and a big head.
    • Hi-Vis Colour Options – The red and yellow options allow you to create hi-viz hookbaits when single hookbait fishing or spodding a slop over the top – especially effective when using a spod mix that contains red maggots and sweetcorn.