Bait Storage & Accessories

  • Preston Innovations Monster EVA Mini Drop Bucket

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    When mixing groundbait have you ever struggled to collect water if the bank is too steep or slippery? The Drop Bucket solves the problem with a robust cord and EVA construction.
    Dimensions: 20cm(H) x 18cm(W)

  • Preston Innovations Super Pellet Pump

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    Designed by match fishing legend Andy Findlay the Super Pellet Pump offers a quick and easy solution to preparing expander pellets; the ultra-compact design allows you to prepare perfect soft hookbaits in under 30 seconds!

  • Preston Innovations Bait Sprayer 500ml

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    With an adjustable brass nozzle to regulate the flow of water, the Bait Atomiser is ideal for mixing groundbait and leam to the perfect consistency. Also ideal for dampening pellets to prevent them drying out in the summer. With a generous 500ml capacity, there is also an accurate measure on the side in 100ml increments.

  • Preston Innovations Punch Kit

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    The Commercial Punch Kit is ideal for creating perfect hookbaits, while also keeping them fresh from the outside elements, something extremely important particularly with bread baits. The box can be opened with one hand simply by pressing the button on the edge of box, the sprung lid will then open leaving you ready to punch your baits. The punches are stored inside the lid of the box and once selected, the punch in use can be stored in a separate compartment for convenience.

  • Preston Innovations Quick Cone and Bait Mould

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    The innovative Quick Cone can be used in various ways, making it a must have for any match angler. The simple plunger mechanism works perfectly with either pellets or groundbait. Available in three sizes, the smallest is suitable when only a small amount of bait is required, where as the larger sizes are ideal for a more positive approach and are also perfect for creating balls of groundbait.
    Available in three sizes.

  • Guru Rapid Release Pole Cups

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    Pole cups are a useful addition to your match fishing kit, giving you the ability to easily introduce free bait in the same area as you’ll be landing your hookbait, drawing the fish to the right area, and encouraging them to relax, and expect more of the same food they’ve been grubbing around at – an expectation you’ll meet perfectly with the precision placement of your hookbait that fishing with a pole set up allows.


    Supplied as a set of three pole cups, the Guru Rapid Release Pole Cups give you the flexibility of offering a multi-bait rig, and feeding your swim with differing amounts of each bait, at separate intervals throughout your session, a tactic which keeps things interesting for the fish, and, hopefully, keeps them waiting around in your swim, eager to see what food turns up next.  You also have the advantage of being easily able to change your pole cup – for example, if you want to add a specific bait in the vicinity of one particular rod – without having to stop fishing while you manually unscrew one pole cup, and replace it with the size you want.  By using quick-release pole cups, you can save yourself vital seconds in a setting where time really can be everything.


    Working with some of the best pro-anglers around, Guru has been producing innovative, high-performance, value for money tackle and equipment since 2009. With a brand ethos that’s based around the concept of “knowledge is power”, Guru ensure that knowledge – of materials, processes, and, most importantly, the needs and expectations of anglers – is the foundation of everything they do, and every product they bring to the market. Whether it’s something small, like these pole cups, or something big, like a premier-quality, high performance seat box, Guru ensure that every product benefits from their in-depth knowledge and comprehensive attention to detail.

    • Guru Rapid Release Pole Cups
    • Small, Medium, Large
    • Easily change pole cups for versatile free baiting
  • Guru Quick Load Sprinkle Lid

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    Guru Sprinkle Lids

    Guru Sprinkle Lids are available in 2 sizes – Medium and Large.

  • Guru Bait Punches – 6,8,10 & 12mm

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    Guru Punch Set

    4 Sizes: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm & 12mm. Stainless steel punches. Ultra-sharp for a neat cut. Plunger in the handle for trouble free bait release. Ideal for baits such as bread, meat, paste, etc. Can also be used for punching out boilies and other hard baits.

  • Guru Pellet Cones

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    Pellet Cones

    Push one of these cones into a bait box full of softened pellets and you can make a nice cluster of bait that can be threaded onto the hook link and cast out. Once on the lakebed, the pellets drop away from the hook link, depositing a mouthful of bait right where you want it, around the hook bait.

  • Dynamite 17L Bait Bucket

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    17L Bait Bucket


    • Iconic, stylish 17-litre bucket, made from extra hard-wearing polypropylene
    • Features one-litre markings and comfortable carry handle for easy transportation
    • Super strong, wipe clean
    • Matching riddle also available
  • Middy Eazy Seal Square Bait Box Large 3.3pt

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    These super tough boxes have a special eazy-seal lid that locks tight. You also get a divider in the two larger sizes, ideal for dividing up pellets and corn on commercials. Available in 1.1pt, 2.2pt and 3.3pt.

  • Guru Bait Strainer 1.1 Pint

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    Bait Strainers

    This is a bait preparation, storage and drainage aid that fit neatly inside Guru Bait Boxes. These are perfect for use with any bait that involves soaking or covering with water, as you can quickly and easily remove the bait from water by lifting the strainer out of the tub when required. The strainer is slightly raised so when placed on the ground water will drain from the bait. Perfect for soaking pellets, preparing expanders, or holding any baits that need to be stored in water and require drainage at the end of a session. These are also ideal for draining the worm juice from chopped worms when adding them to groundbait, so not to alter the consistency of the mix. Available in one pint and 3.3pt versions.

    · Bait preparation and storage aid
    · Perfect for all baits that require drainage or storage in water
    · Ideal for soaking baits
    · Fit neatly in Guru Bait Boxes
    · 1pt and 3.3pt versions available
    · Ideal to drain off chopped worm juice with