• Preston Innovations Reflo Precision Power 50M Line

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    This is the ideal rig and hooklength material, supplied on 50m spools its supple, strong and knots extremely well. We believe this is genuinely one of the best lines available. 50m per spool.

    Des Shipp: “Reflo Precision Power is one of the best lines I’ve ever used, its never let me down, and continues to impress me week in, week out”

  • Middy Lo-Viz Fluorocrystal Pole/Reel Line

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    One of Europe’s most popular lines, Lo-Viz fluorocrystal has a slight degree of stretch making it ideal for both pole or rod-and-reel work. A slight tint of grey in the polymer makes it virtually invisible underwater. The diameter is very accurate and the range offers low diameters in relation to breaking strains. Lo-Viz is available in nine sizes from 0.08 (1.7lb) up to 0.24 (12lb) and is ultra reliable with a high knot strength. Match Fishing magazine consider Lo-Viz to be “excellent” and it is rated highly amongst a lot of Europe’s most elite anglers. You do not need a bulk spool of 300 metres; these 100 metre spools will easily fill a match-size reel such as the Baggin’ Machine CXR 40 with perfect line lay. Many, many anglers use this for their pole rig set-ups but it is also really good when used on the waggler, try it!

  • Guru N-gage Pole & Hook length Line

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  • Guru Pulse Line Range

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  • Preston Innovations Reflo Accu Power Line

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    • A super high-tech line
    • Manufactured from extremely durable monofilament
    • Accu power is true to its name
    • Every diameter accurate to its stated size
    • Ideal choice for rigs and hook lengths
  • Preston Innovations Sinking Feeder Mono

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    The Reflo Sinking Feeder Mono is an extremely strong but supple feeder fishing line that is ideal for all kinds of feeder fishing, from roach and skimmers in the smaller diameters right through to heavy duty method feeder fishing for large match sized carp.

  • Daiwa Sensor Monofil 300m

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    This is without doubt the number one monofil in the UK.It has scooped multiple awards, landed two British record carp and is popular with anglers across all disciplines.

    With a reputation for exceptional reliability, a rugged performance, Sensor has delivered amazing durability, suppleness, consistent diameter and superb knotting.


  • Maxima Chameleon Line

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    No other line can match the strength of Maxima Chameleon. For decades, anglers across the globe have trusted Maxima Chameleon to deliver unparalleled abrasion resistance, knot strength, tensile strength and toughness when the fight’s on. Like its namesake, Chameleon, this line has a unique formulation that enables it to change color hues to match the surrounding water and light conditions. No wonder that steelhead and salmon anglers who fish under some of the most challenging conditions choose Maxima Chameleon. Wherever brute strength is needed or rugged conditions are the norm, Maxima Chameleon excels.

  • Matrix Submerge Sinking Feeder Braid 10.9lb (0.08mm)

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    Submerge Feeder Braid is a low diameter, high knot strength, sinking Dynema braid. Available in 0.08 and 0.10mm diameters.
    • Sinking Dynema braid with smooth outer surface
    • Designed for extreme distance casting
    • Thin diameter with high knot strength

  • Matrix Power Micron Monofilament Super Soft

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    • Accurate diameter hooklength and pole rig line
    • Very strong and supple for better presentation
    • Outstanding knot strength
    • All popular diameters
    • Low visibility clear colour 2 new additional sizes of power micron line are added at the ever increasing demand for thicker diameters on commercial waters and carpadromes across Europe. Can be used as main line hook length material for both pole and feeder work.Line Specification
    0.070mm Ø – 1.10lb – 0.50kg 0.080mm Ø – 1.36lb – 0.62kg 0.090mm Ø – 1.63lb – 0.74kg 0.105mm Ø – 2.16lb – 0.98kg 0.115mm Ø – 2.68lb – 1.22kg 0.125mm Ø – 3.22lb – 1.46kg 0.135mm Ø – 3.52lb – 1.60kg 0.145mm Ø – 4.23lb – 1.92kg 0.165mm Ø – 5.29lb – 2.40kg 0.180mm Ø – 6.35lb – 2.88kg 0.200mm Ø – 7.87lb – 3.57kg 0.234mm Ø – 9.88lb – 4.48kg 0.261mm Ø – 12.37lb – 5.61kg

  • Drennan Supplex 50m

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    Supplex is a fantastic material for float and feeder fishing main lines, pole rigs and hooklengths.

    Monofilament falls into two distinct categories: The first is stuff that’s long life, tough, abrasion resistant and doesn’t damage easily. Unfortunately, it is prone to be springy and come off the reel in coils. The second category is extremely supple and limp and very easy to manage both on the reel and in casting. But it tends to be soft and more prone to damage. Amazingly, Supplex has the best of both. It is incredibly supple, (that’s how it gets

    Amazingly, Supplex has the best of both. It is incredibly supple, (that’s how it gets it’s name!) but at the same time, it is tough, long life, abrasion resistant and not prone to damage, including shot damage.


    • Incredibly supple
    • Tough
    • Abbrasion resistant
    • Clear


  • Guru Pure Fluorocarbon Range

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