• Kodex Kompact 2m Tele Handle

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    The Kodex Kompact SS handle from 30Plus is a telescopic 2m design and only 1.1m long when collapsed, so it’s superb for stalking, roaming and transportation. It is a strong and powerful phenolic construction with steel reinforced strength ring and a special beefy diameter top section for even more strength.

  • Guru Competition 500 Landing Net 50x40x35

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    Landing Nets

    We’ve designed four different landing net heads to cover any fishing situation that you’re likely to find yourself in, either on a commercial or when fishing matches on rivers and canals.

    The Speed 400, Speed 500, Competition 500 and Dual 550 models will handle everything from netting silver fish on light tackle through to bundling big carp into them, and there is an appropriate size and type of mesh for pretty much anything.

    The Competition 500 has the finest mesh at 2mm and is perfect for hair-rigged baits as they can’t get caught in the mesh, often destroying your rig in the process!

    The two Speed nets have a 6mm mesh to make them incredibly maneuverable through the water. The Dual 550 offers the best of both, with a 6mm mesh body for ease of netting, but with a 2mm mesh base for practicality and fish comfort. This is the largest model so suitable for specimen angling and larger carp.

    The alloy frames are incredibly strong, with a durable moulded spreader block and good quality screw thread complete with rubber washer so there is no twist when they’re attached to a net handle.

    Guru brand manager Adam Rooney explained: “Not only will these keepnets and landing net heads make it easier to fish when you’re using them, but they are also as fish-friendly as possible.

    “We’ve put a lot of thought into these nets to try and solve any problems that we ourselves have experienced in the past and we’re confident match and pleasure anglers are going to love them.”

  • Dinsmores Carp Match Net 45cm

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    Dinsmores Carp Match Landing Net 45cm

  • Matrix Silver Fish Landing Net 50 cm x 40 cm

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    Silver Fish Landing Nets

    • Fish safe soft mesh • Larger mesh panel for faster netting • Strong frame and spreader block • 100% Polyester • Available in 2 sizes • CODE – GLN048. 45cm x 35cm • CODE – GLN049. 50cm x 40cm

  • Matrix Fine Mesh Landing Net 45 cm x 35 cm

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    Fine Mesh Landing Nets

    • Ultra fine fish safe mesh • Lightweight frame • Strong spreader block • Perfect for hair rigs and bait bands • 100% Polyester • Available in 2 sizes • CODE – GLN050. 45cm x 35cm • CODE – GLN051. 50cm x 40cm

  • MIDDY Baggin’ Machine Carp-Sack 20″x16″x10′ Fast-Dry Keepnet

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    Made using tight knit fast-dry mono material, creating a safe-haven for carp, the fishery-approved Baggin’ Machine Carp-Sack keepnets have a Six-Plus adjustment angle lock and a thick 10mm polymer bottom ring with stake out D-rings. The thick bottom ring adds strength and weight to the base. These nets are seven-stitched with anti-rot thread for durability and available in 9ft or 10ft depths, as well as Silverfish models.

  • Guru 2.5m Silver Match Keepnet

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    Our keepnets come in a choice of 2.5m Silver Match, 3m Carp Match, or 4m International Match designs to cover a range of situations and species, and they’re all built to last for many seasons.

    The rings are weighted to ensure that the net sinks properly and remains stretched out, and there is an external sleeve to protect the net from wear around the rings, one of the areas that has traditionally always been weakest and the first to wear out.

    A fish-friendly super soft mesh has been used so that you can look after your catch as much as possible, and a dark finish helps to keep the fish calm whilst they are in the net.

    An over-sized top ring has been used to make it as easy, and quick, as possible to put fish in it with the landing net, with a screw thread that can be adjusted to any angle for perfect positioning. When it comes to retrieving your catch at the end of the session, smaller lower rings (the bottom three) allow you to pull the rings through to help to get the fish out for weighing in or returning them.

  • MIDDY Baggin’ Machine Silverfish 20″x16″x10′ Fast-Dry Mono Keepnet

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    These more traditional mono Baggin’ Machine Silverfish keepnets are ideal for all general coarse fishing requirements including rivers, ponds and canals. They have a Six-Plus adjust angle lock fitting with a rod rest divot top ring and stake out D-rings. The mono material will shake-dry virtually instantly. With anti-rot seven-stitching, these fishery-approved keepnets will last and last. Use as a silverfish-only net option on commercials where they insist on keeping carp separate from silverfish. Available to buy in a compact 16″x14″x9′ size, or more regular 20″x16″x10′ size, as well as Carp-Sack models.

  • MIDDY Xtreme Stink Bag Combo/Double

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    Xtreme luggage is hardwearing, totally practical and incorporates many new innovative features. Designed as a fully modular system by Middy’s team of match consultants, with endorsement from Match This winner Chris Cameron, Xtreme luggage configures together perfectly while also being just as practical as separate items, to suit personal preferences. Every item in the range has been designed for a specific purpose, without any unnecessary complications. The Xtreme series includes two stink bags. The Water-Skin stink bag will fit perfectly into the smaller compartment of the Xtreme Mega Carryall and it is a totally waterproof PU nylon material with a double skin. It can be retrieved from either Xtreme carryall with ease via the sturdy ergonomic carry handle and it has ample room for two keepnets along with a smaller match landing net like the F1-50. Both models have free-flow zips and the standard Double model is at a fantastic price; protecting from smells, it will also fit into either Xtreme carryall in neat modular format.

  • MIDDY Power Handle 2.5m

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    Power handles are made from phenolic fibres making them very strong. Both the 2m and 3m handles are telescopic with a short 0.5m extension for additional reach. The thread is a one piece brass construction to withstand the rigours that handles undergo in fishing situations. Use them as a general coarse handle or on carp commercials. Both collapse to a compact size for ease of transportation. They are one of our all-time best sellers and offer exceptional value for money.

  • MIDDY White Knuckle CX Series Twin Thread 3m Handle

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    The White Knuckle CX Series take-apart handle is a 3pc design now featuring riveted end thread. Both the second and third are threaded – this unique design allows you to use it at 3m for silverfish/F1 and as a super-strong platform 2m handle for F1/double figure carp and speed-scooping. A landing net handle for all jobs.

  • MIDDY Baggin’ Machine 20″ Soft Spoon Net Silver/Carp

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    The three Baggin’ Machine landing nets from Middy will cover most fishing disciplines. The smallest 18″ model is ideal for silverfish with shake-dry mono mesh and the lightest of frames, for use with a long handle. The two bigger models (20″ and 22″) have soft polyester micro-mesh and are still very light. All feature a robust spreader block, alloy thread and 7mm frame and they offer incredible value. The 22″ is an ample size for carp commercials.