• Guru Micro Hair Stops

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    Mixed packs of brown, red and yellow stops allow the angler to match the colour to the chosen hook bait, giving you the edge when targeting wary fish.

  • Preston Innovations Punch Kit

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    The Commercial Punch Kit is ideal for creating perfect hookbaits, while also keeping them fresh from the outside elements, something extremely important particularly with bread baits. The box can be opened with one hand simply by pressing the button on the edge of box, the sprung lid will then open leaving you ready to punch your baits. The punches are stored inside the lid of the box and once selected, the punch in use can be stored in a separate compartment for convenience.

  • Preston Innovations Discorger Knot Picker

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    The Floater Disgorger Knot Picker features a double ended disgorger that’s suitable for all medium and large sized coarse fish.

    To use the featured knot picker which is ideal for unpicking knots and saving valuable time all you have to do is twist the central section apart and you will find a super fine knot picker housed in the middle.

    Constructed from a floating plastic which means even if you drop it in during your session you can quickly retrieve it and re-use the accessory.

  • Preston Innovations Loop Sizer

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    The Floater Loop Sizer features four pre-set sizes; 8mm, 10mm, 12mm and 15mm. These pre-set loops help create the perfectly sized loop each time.

    When tying hooklengths and main line loops lots of anglers sturggle to cretae the same sized loop. It’s incredibly easy to use this useful accessory, all you have to do is create your loop and slot the two sections off the untightened loop to the loop sizing pegs of your choice. Choosing how big, or small you want your loops to be.

    Constructed from a floating plastic which means even if you drop it in during your session you can quickly retrieve it and re-use the accessory.

  • Preston Innovations Puller Needle

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    The Floater Puller Needle is designed for use with conventional hairs with soft baits. A band can also be pulled through a soft hookbait, such as corn or meat.

    Constructed from a floating plastic which means even if you drop it in during your session you can quickly retrieve it and re-use the accessory.

  • Preston Innovations Rapid Stop Needle

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    Rapid Stop Needle
    The Rapid Stop Needle has been made for pushing both Rapid In-Stops and Rapid Stops through a variety of baits.

    Rapid Puller Needle
    Ideal for use with soft baits, the Rapid Puller Needle can be used to pull a conventional hair loop through a bait, or for stretching a band into a pre drilled hard bait.

    Rapid Super Fine Gated Needle
    A blunt gated needle ideal for hair rigging soft baits.

    Rapid Super Fine Baiting Needle
    Pointed super fine needle for hair rigging more delicate baits, keeping splitting to a minimum.

  • Preston Innovations Pellet Bander

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    The Floater Pellet Bander is a handy tool that makes banding pellets, Band’ums and other round baits much easier.

    Ideal for the angler who struggles to band hookbaits, or for when slippery hands make applying hookbaits tricky.

    Constructed from a floating plastic that means if you drop the Pellet Bander into the water you can easily retrieve it and continue to use the accessory.

  • Guru Super Fine Bait Drill

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    Super Fine Bait Drill

    The new Guru bait drill has been designed to make drilling hard baits, like pellets and tough boilies, child’s play.

    Rather than twisting the handle of the drill, the team designed a drill that allows the bait itself to be twisted onto the bit, keeping it under total control. The flattened handle allows great grip to be achieved, even with wet, oily fingers.

    The super-fine 1mm needle will easily penetrate the hardest of pellets, without splitting them – a worthy addition to the Guru stable.

  • Guru Speed Needle And Speed stops

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    Speed Stop Needles and Speed Stops

    We’re always looking for ways to increase the efficiency of our angling, and this little gem is the latest result of that search. The Speedstop system allows ultra-quick mounting of drilled pellets, soft pellets, corn luncheon meat, boilies and worms onto the hair rig. Once the small, plastic Speedstop is tied to the hair it can be fitted to the Speedstop Needle and pushed easily through a bait. Once through, the Speedstop acts as a hair stop. Each pack includes one Speedstop Needle and 36 Speedstops. Packs containing 36 spare Speedstops are also available.

  • Drennan Pushstop Drill

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    The 1.5mm Pushstop Drill goes with the Drennan Pushstops and Drennan Pushstop Pusher system, producing the ideal size hole in baits like hard pellets and boilies.

    It produces the ideal size in a hook bait, which allows a Pushstop to go through without splitting the bait.


    • 1.5mm diameter
    • Easy grip handle
    • Perfect for use with boilies, pop-ups or pellets
  • Drennan Pushstop Pusher

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    The Drennan Push stop Pusher is designed to fit the Drennan Pushstops.

    Once incorporated onto a hair-rig, an individual Pushstops remains on the hair and should hold a variety of hook baits in position perfectly.

    The tapered point makes it quick and easy to drive through soft baits such as expanders, meat and sweetcorn. For harder baits, such as boilies and hard pellets, use a 1.5mm Drennan Pushstop Drill first to create the perfect sized hole.


    • Tapered point
    • Easy grip handle
  • MIDDY Band ‘Em Fast-Affix Tool

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    Band ‘Em tools are ideal for creating match pellet rigs with a latex band. Four models are available; drill, hook tool, needle and affix tool.