• Guru 4” Bait Band Ready Rigs Range

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  • Guru Method Hair Rigs – Speed Stop 4 Inch

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    Guru Method Hair Rigs with Speedstops,

    Our Method and Feeder hair rigs are now available with our super-efficient bait Speedstops fitted to the hair. When used with our Speedstop needle, a range of baits can be hair rigged quickly and easily, making time for you to get more bites.

  • Guru Competition 500 Landing Net 50x40x35

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    Landing Nets

    We’ve designed four different landing net heads to cover any fishing situation that you’re likely to find yourself in, either on a commercial or when fishing matches on rivers and canals.

    The Speed 400, Speed 500, Competition 500 and Dual 550 models will handle everything from netting silver fish on light tackle through to bundling big carp into them, and there is an appropriate size and type of mesh for pretty much anything.

    The Competition 500 has the finest mesh at 2mm and is perfect for hair-rigged baits as they can’t get caught in the mesh, often destroying your rig in the process!

    The two Speed nets have a 6mm mesh to make them incredibly maneuverable through the water. The Dual 550 offers the best of both, with a 6mm mesh body for ease of netting, but with a 2mm mesh base for practicality and fish comfort. This is the largest model so suitable for specimen angling and larger carp.

    The alloy frames are incredibly strong, with a durable moulded spreader block and good quality screw thread complete with rubber washer so there is no twist when they’re attached to a net handle.

    Guru brand manager Adam Rooney explained: “Not only will these keepnets and landing net heads make it easier to fish when you’re using them, but they are also as fish-friendly as possible.

    “We’ve put a lot of thought into these nets to try and solve any problems that we ourselves have experienced in the past and we’re confident match and pleasure anglers are going to love them.”

  • Guru N-gage Pole & Hook length Line

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  • Guru Super Fine Bait Drill

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    Super Fine Bait Drill

    The new Guru bait drill has been designed to make drilling hard baits, like pellets and tough boilies, child’s play.

    Rather than twisting the handle of the drill, the team designed a drill that allows the bait itself to be twisted onto the bit, keeping it under total control. The flattened handle allows great grip to be achieved, even with wet, oily fingers.

    The super-fine 1mm needle will easily penetrate the hardest of pellets, without splitting them – a worthy addition to the Guru stable.

  • Guru Speed Needle And Speed stops

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    Speed Stop Needles and Speed Stops

    We’re always looking for ways to increase the efficiency of our angling, and this little gem is the latest result of that search. The Speedstop system allows ultra-quick mounting of drilled pellets, soft pellets, corn luncheon meat, boilies and worms onto the hair rig. Once the small, plastic Speedstop is tied to the hair it can be fitted to the Speedstop Needle and pushed easily through a bait. Once through, the Speedstop acts as a hair stop. Each pack includes one Speedstop Needle and 36 Speedstops. Packs containing 36 spare Speedstops are also available.

  • Guru X Strong Ready Rigs

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    • Ideal for when the carp are feeding and heavy elastics are being used as these are tied using the spade-end extra strength carp barbless hooks.
    • The size 10 will be sufficient for landing most fish you’re likely to hook as it is tied using 0.22mm line. The size 12 is on 0.19mm; size 14 on 0.17mm; size 16 on 0.15mm; and size 18 on 0.13mm.
    • All three patterns feature perfectly tied spade end hooks, as neat as anyone can tie them up themselves, and with a figure-of-eight loop knot at the other end for easy attachment to your line.
    • They all come neatly packaged on cards that make them easy to use – no knots as you try to unravel them! – Plus they will even fit into their cases.


    • XS Spade End Barbless Hook
    • 8 Per Pack
    • Perfect hook size to line strength ratio
    • Designed with the pole angler in mind.
    • Perfectly tied spade end hook
    • Figure of eight loop for easy connection.


    • Size 12 – 7lb (N-Gauge – 0.19mm Diameter)
    • Size 14 – 6lb (N-Gauge – 0.17mm Diameter)
    • Size 16 – 5lb (N-Gauge – 0.15mm Diameter)
    • Size 18 – 4lb (N-Gauge – 0.13mm Diameter)


  • Guru F1 Pellet Ready Rigs 6″

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    F1 Pellet Rigs

    These pole rigs have been designed for use on smaller commercials where fish like F1s dominate. They are tied with the F1 Pellet hook, which the Guru team designed specifically for these hard-fighting weight builders. The white gape and round bend allow the use of softened hook baits and practically guarantee good hook holds.
    There are eight rigs in each pack and they are supplied on easy-to-use cards


  • Guru LWG 6″ Ready Rigs

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    • Available in a wide diversity of sizes, as well as multiple different breaking strain lines, they ultimately cover pretty much every pole angling situation.
    • There are three different hook patterns available and each is tied with a bayonet-style hair, making them all ideal for baits such as corn, meat and mini boilies, and each is 6 inches long.
    • The smallest, a size 20 is on 0.11mm N-Gauge, with size 16 and 18 hooks to 0.13mm hook links, a size 14 to 0.15mm, and the largest, a size 12, is tied using 0.17mm line.
    • All three patterns feature perfectly tied spade end hooks, as neat as anyone can tie them up themselves, and with a figure-of-eight loop knot at the other end for easy attachment to your line.
    • Size 12 – 6lb (N-Gauge – 0.17mm Diameter)
    • Size 14 – 5lb (N-Gauge – 0.15mm Diameter)
    • Size 16 – 4lb (N-Gauge – 0.13mm Diameter)
    • Size 18 – 3lb (N-Gauge – 0.13mm Diameter)
    • Size 20 – 3lb (N-Gauge – 0.11mm Diameter)
  • Guru Rapid Release Pole Cups

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    Pole cups are a useful addition to your match fishing kit, giving you the ability to easily introduce free bait in the same area as you’ll be landing your hookbait, drawing the fish to the right area, and encouraging them to relax, and expect more of the same food they’ve been grubbing around at – an expectation you’ll meet perfectly with the precision placement of your hookbait that fishing with a pole set up allows.


    Supplied as a set of three pole cups, the Guru Rapid Release Pole Cups give you the flexibility of offering a multi-bait rig, and feeding your swim with differing amounts of each bait, at separate intervals throughout your session, a tactic which keeps things interesting for the fish, and, hopefully, keeps them waiting around in your swim, eager to see what food turns up next.  You also have the advantage of being easily able to change your pole cup – for example, if you want to add a specific bait in the vicinity of one particular rod – without having to stop fishing while you manually unscrew one pole cup, and replace it with the size you want.  By using quick-release pole cups, you can save yourself vital seconds in a setting where time really can be everything.


    Working with some of the best pro-anglers around, Guru has been producing innovative, high-performance, value for money tackle and equipment since 2009. With a brand ethos that’s based around the concept of “knowledge is power”, Guru ensure that knowledge – of materials, processes, and, most importantly, the needs and expectations of anglers – is the foundation of everything they do, and every product they bring to the market. Whether it’s something small, like these pole cups, or something big, like a premier-quality, high performance seat box, Guru ensure that every product benefits from their in-depth knowledge and comprehensive attention to detail.

    • Guru Rapid Release Pole Cups
    • Small, Medium, Large
    • Easily change pole cups for versatile free baiting
  • Guru Disgorger

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    Two disgorgers that have been designed to help you unhook fish more easily and safely, which should be every angler’s concern.

    The QM1 is the shorter disgorger, and it has been designed for all-round work, with hook patterns like the effective QM1 in mind. The Conti is a longer disgorger, that has been designed for use when feeder fishing with longer hook links, where deeper hook holds might be encountered, especially with bream. Both patterns feature a specially designed head is rounded to minimise damage and allows you to pop the hook out easily and safely. Both are made from robust plastic, with a super-strong cross-shaped cross section, and will last well, and have an easy-grip rubberised handle which can be held securely, even in the wet!

  • Guru Quick Load Sprinkle Lid

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    Guru Sprinkle Lids

    Guru Sprinkle Lids are available in 2 sizes – Medium and Large.