Bite Indication

  • Kodex Multi Indicator/Pike Drp Off

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    Featuring a mono and braid friendly line clip, this extremely verstalie Multi-Indicator covers all of your bite registration needs, for whichever species you are targeting. It has a butt-clip option for a pike drop-off set up, and it can easily be modified (by screwing on the provided cord or hockey stick) to be a bobbin or swing arm! When in drop-off or swing arm mode, a unique double-pivot arm ensures total up/down indicator movement, while eliminating any side movements from adverse wind conditions. All components are compatible with the other Kodex indicators too, such as the Chain-Link and Feather-Lite, allowing for a fully modular system! So if you want to get a smaller bobbin head, a stainless pivot line-clip or a chain link (separately), you have all of these options plus many more!