Preston Innovations

  • Preston Innovations Monster Carryall

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    Traditional style carryall with robust, wipe clean hardbase. The large main compartment has a 55 litre capacity, big enough to carry all large accessories.

    There are also four outside pockets – two zipped end-pockets (ideal for clothing) and two full-sized net and side tray pockets. The Strap Retainer also allows you to stow away the padded shoulder strap when not in use to avoid mud and rain.

    • Hardbase
    • 55 Litre Main Compartment and 4 External Pockets
    • Padded Shoulder Strap and Strap Retainer

    W: 60cm    H: 47Ccm    D: 43cm

  • Preston Innovations Inertia 420 Reel

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    INERTIA 420

    The Inertia reels are perfect for the angler that’s constrained to a tight budget. These lower budget reels might be cheaper than our more expensive reels, but they still incorporate the high quality name Preston reels are known for.

    The middle reel in the range is the Inertia 420, this is a true all-rounder and will cope with a wide variety of fishing situations, from commercial feeder fishing to natural waggler work, this reel can do it all!

    420 Features;

    • Gear Ratio – 5:0:1
    • Weight – 368g
    • Per Turn – 0.85cm
  • Preston Innovation Competition Pro Net Handle 4m

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    A range of three high quality handles engineered to meet the demands of modern commercial match fishing as well as European competition angling.

    The 2.5m version is ideal for commercial carping whilst the 3m is the perfect all-rounder. The 4m lends itself more to natural venues where high banks and marginal weed can be an issue.

    All feature reinforced joints to ensure you can net every fish with confidence.


    -2.5m Handle

    -3m Handle

    -4m Handle

  • Daiwa Longbow F1 Rubber Net

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    This ultralight profile of the ‘longbow’ frame is ideal for F1 carp and silvers. The Rubber mesh which will stop hook ups in the net and repels water.


  • Preston Innovations Latex Hair Mesh Landing Net 20″

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    Constructed from a lightweight but very strong frame, the Latex Hair Mesh Landing Net is perfect for all hair rigging requirements. The fine mesh means that bait bands and rapid stops won’t pass through the mesh. Also suitable for silver fish in the smaller sizes, small hooks are less prone to getting caught in the mesh.

    Available in 3 sizes, 16”, 18” and 20”.

  • Preston Innovations Quick Dry Landing Net 18″

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    Manufactured from a strong square profile frame, the Quick Dry Landing net is attached on the inside of the frame making it neater and easier to pass through the water. The large mesh aids manoeuvrability and the depth of the net is ideal for match sized carp. Available in 18 – 20” sizes.

  • Preston Innovations Pelletpult Small

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    Pelletpults have been designed with commercial fisheries in mind, specifically for feeding pellets.

    The flat bottomed pouch ensures the pellets are tightly grouped when feeding and the dual PTFE bushes built into the frame maintain twist free performance.

    Two different sizes cover all feeding requirements from 4mm to 10mm pellets. Can also be used for conventional baits such as maggots and casters.

    “Preston innovations Pellet Pult – Sometimes the best ideas are the most simple and these Pellet Pults prove that.”

    The new pouch design has a moulded flat base that groups pellets with incredible accuracy – A simple tweak that gives excellent results. They are available in two sizes and are sure to be a massive hit.

  • Preston Innovations Free Flow Rod Rest

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    High-sided rod rest on a FIXANGLE mechanism featuring a deep line groove allowing direct contact with your bait.

  • Preston Innovations Butt Gripper Rest

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    The Butt Gripper rest is extremely versatile and can be used in conjunction with a wide range of rod butt diameters. The soft grippy TPE ribs will help to grip the butt, while still allowing you to remove the rod smoothly when a fish is hooked
    or a recast is required.

  • Preston Innovations Pole Grip

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    Holds your pole close to hand.Gently sprung plastic sides grip pole sections from 3 – 6. Use with either a standard bankstick or one of several Off Box attachments.

  • Preston Innovations ICS Inline Maggot Feeder

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    ICS In-Line Maggot Feeders are available in two body sizes with different weight options.

    The ICS In-Line Maggot Feeders cast exceptionally well due to the weight forward design. We have spent a vast amount of time developing the weight and frame construction, making the feeders as efficient and user friendly as possible.

    The loading window can be opened and closed by simply twisting the lid, making the loading process simple and easy. Plenty of holes in the feeder allows for a steady release of bait.


  • Preston Innovations ICS Inline Pellet Feeder

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    Available in three body sizes, the ICS In-line Pellet Feeders are perfect for introducing small pellets and particles into your swim.

    The plastic and lead combination allows the feeder to be cast accurately but more importantly, means that the feeder always lands the correct way up.

    We’ve spent a long time working on the bead placement and ultimately developed a recessed bead which means that the stem and bead actually sits up into the frame of the feeder. This reduces the chance of your hook tangling around the loop of your hooklength and also aids the streamlined shape of the feeder aiding both casting distance and accuracy.

    The ICS system allows you to quickly and easily change feeder throughout your session, simply slide the tail rubber off the stem, slide the feeder up on to the line, remove via the groove on the feeder and then replace with alternative ICS product.

    The ICS Pellet Feeder completes the ICS System and adds even more versatility to this extensive range of interchangable feeders and leads.