Nash Pinpoint Precision Dual Diamond File

Nash Pinpoint Precision Dual Diamond File

Tell Me About It

Featuring a double-sided, professional grade diamond file, this dual file allows you to shape, sharpen, and polish your hooks, giving them a new lease of life, rather than replacing them each time they wear down.

The 400 grade, coarse side is perfect for sharpening and shaping, while the finer, 600 grade reverse side gives you a smooth, high-performance, polished finish.

What Discipline Is It For?

Perfect for carp fishing, anglers of any discipline can benefit from being able to sharpen and reshape their hooks, rather than replace them.

Why Should I Buy It?

Giving you multi-purpose hook renewal, this Dual Diamond File is a small, simple angling accessory that will give you good returns in money saved on replacement hooks.

What’s The Best Thing About It?

Renewing, rather than replacing, your hooks means more money in your wallet, and less waste being sent to landfill – or ending up dropped on the bankside – making a quality hook sharpening tool good for you and the environment.


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Key Features

  • A double sided, twin grade professional diamond file
  • Point reshaping and finishing with just one tool for any size of hook
  • The perfect introduction to hand sharpening
  • The coarser 400 grade file is used for honing and shaping the point
  • Reverse side has a finer 600 grade stone
  • Used for polishing the point for a smooth finish
  • Removal of burrs and re-touching hooks to pinpoint sharpness


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