• Preston innovations GPM-B Spade End 6″ Hooklengths Barbless

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    Taking hooklength design to the next level!

    The Ready Rigs are constructed from the highest quality materials, and tied to precise specifications to create rigs suitable for all anglers. The fully loaded Rig Stick can be taken straight out of the packaging and placed into the correct sized Mag Store System box.

    Each pack contains 8 hand tied rigs which are stored on the rig stick, hook size along with line diameter and breaking strain can be easily identified by the attached sticker.

    GPM-B hooks are used on each rig, tied to the tried and tested Reflo Power line. The rigs are suitable for a multitude of baits from maggots and small pellets through to meat, corn and big worm baits.

    Available in;

    • 18 GPM-B to 0.11mm Reflo Power
    • 16 GPM-B to 0.13mm Reflo Power
    • 14 GPM-B to 0.15mm Reflo Power
    • 12 GPM-B to 0.15mm Reflo Power
  • Fox Warrior® Sleeping Bag

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    • Offset panel stitching helps to keep warm air inside the bag
    • 2-3 season rating – perfect for use in late spring, summer and early autumn
    • 10mm crash zips
    • Soft Touch Polyester fabric
    • Polyester lining for easy movement inside the bag
    • Oversized internal and external baffles to keep warm air in and cold air out
    • Elasticated hoods at head and foot end plus elasticated strap in middle to help secure bag to bedchair
    • Comes supplied in stuff sack
    • Offers outstanding value for money

    W 88cm X L 210cm
    Weight: 2.4kg

  • Fox Royale® Classic Bivvy

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    The new Royale Classic bivvy replaces our old Royale shelter. It is a two rib, pram-hood design that also features a porch for extra protection from the elements. It comes supplied with full frame support and also has adjustable tension straps on the side. You will also find mozzy mesh panels on the front of the shelter to aid air flow and keep annoying bugs out in the summer months and it is also supplied with a heavy duty groundsheet and PVA clear panel for the front door, which features the same 2 way ‘barn door’ system as our other popular bivvies. The front of the Royale Classic can be rolled up to create an open fronted shelter should you wish also. There is an overwrap available separately for the Royale Classic to create a twin-skinned effect for use in the colder months.

    • Full frame support supplied
    • Adjustable tension straps on both sides
    • Mozzy mesh panel on the front panels and door for air flow
    • PVC door option also supplied
    • Two way letterbox style door
    • Front can be rolled up to create an open fronted shelter
    • Two rod straps on front of shelter
    • Heavy duty pegs supplied
    • Made from a hard wearing, breathable Polyester fabric with Hydrostatic head rating of 2000mm
    • Supplied in oversized carry bag
    • Overwrap available separately
    • Main outer fabric 100% Polyester

    Royale Classic Hydrostatic Head: 2500mm

  • Nash KNX Wideboy Chair

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    KNX comfort and strength, perfect for low profile shelters.

  • Sticky Pure Natural GLM Extract

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  • Ridge Monkey Bivvy Lite Cases

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    Nothing is more frustrating than damaging an item while on the way to the bank – this stops your light from being knocked around in your carryall!

  • Fox Micron M+ Bite Alarm

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    With this amazing new technology developed for the ground-breaking N Series of alarms now at our disposal, it was only right to further improve some of our biggest-selling ranges of alarms.

    The Micron M+ is the first to benefit from a whole host of new features. Immediately you’ll notice its classic Fox Micron look, with a raised 5mm red LED. It’s powered by 2 x AAA batteries, which coupled with new internal circuitry, offers an extra long battery life. It has an indexed front volume adjustment knob that’s easy to use. The M+ has a piezo speaker for clear audible indication of a run, with robust rubber inlays in the ‘ears’ to prevent rod slippage. There are also 2 outputs: one for power out, and one for transmitter out. This has to be one of the best alarms for the money ever!

    • 2 x AAA batteries
    • Red 5mm LED
    • Indexed pot volume adjustment knob
    • 2 x outputs: 1 x power out. 1 x transmitter out
    • Raw plastic finish (ABS)
    • Piezo speaker for clear sound
    • Brass threaded stud
    • Nylon thread cap
    • Hardcase
    • Rubber ear inlays

  • Fox Dart Marker Floats

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    The larger Exocet and smaller Dart marker floats are constructed from high impact materials to make them robust and reliable. They are both available as just the float or as part of a kit which, as well as the fl oat, also includes three flights, a SLIK ring, anti-tangle boom and buoyancy aid for weedy swims – all that you need to find features with total precision.

    • Robust construction
    • Air cavity flights maximise lift and visibility
    • Interchangeable red, yellow and black flights for high visibility in all light conditions.
    • Available as a full marker float kit

  • Fox Baiting Spoon & Handle

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    • Super-strong yet lightweight spoon
    • Perfect for baiting up with a variety of baits at close range including boilies and particles
    • Supplied with screw on knurled aluminium handle that includes arm strap
    • Also perfect for mixing up spod mixes and keep your hands clean!

  • Dynamite Frenzied Hempseed

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  • Marine Halibut Range

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  • Nash Scopex Squid Range

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